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        A festival conducted in Bhagavathy temples once in a year.  Spinsters will walk round the temple with the vessel containing the areca nut flower bunch, a portion of coconut and lit wick in their hands.  The aim of Thalappoli is to gain a good husband.

Thirandukalyanam (First puberty functions)

Thirandukalyanam is the function conducted when girls attain puberty. In olden days it was celebrated in a grand scale.  It is also known as Thirandumangalyam,
Thiruandukuli etc. When girls attain puberty, it was celebrated in a large scale.  The belief was that when the girl attains puberty, the Goddess Bhagavathy enters in her body and therefore, the Goddess has to be sent away to achieve peace to the girl.  As soon as the girl attains puberty the women of the family will make a peculiar loud sound known as Kurava to inform the neighbors.  The girl will be seated in a room and near to her a copper vessel smeared with rice powder will be placed.  A bunch of coconut flower will also be placed in the vessel.  Near to that things like Ulakka (a wooden instrument for pounding paddy) and Choolu (broom) will also be placed. The girl will have to remain in the room throughout the day and night.  Wearing new cloths and ornaments the Ashtamangalaya function will begin in the house. The Athikurissi lady (lady belonging to barber community) will murmur manthras in the ears of girl and drop rice on her head.  On the fourth day after bathing and wearing new dresses the function ends with colourful procession and grand feast.  This custom was prevalent till half a century ago. The above rites are followed by almost all castes of Hindu community with slight changes.


The honour granted by the Rajah to some families.  Thampi, Kanak Chembakaraman, Panapilla etc. are some thirumukhasthanams.
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