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Chatham is the oblation to the names of deceased ancestors. Chatham is the conversational form of ‘Sradham’.  This is a custom done in homes every year for the blessings of dead souls of the family.  This can be done on the day of the star or thidhi in which the death had taken place.  All members of the family have to participate in the function. There are four types of Chathams viz., (i) Chadanginale, (ii) Chathichittu, (iii)Chathikkathe, and (iv) Danam.

Choroonu (first rice feeding)

Choroonu (first rice feeding)
The ceremony of giving rice food to the newborn baby for the first time is called choroonu.  Usually this is done on the sixth month after birth.  Some do this on 8th 10th or 12th month. This function is arranged in temples or in homes on an auspicious day.
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