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Nairs are the Malayalee warriors (Kshathriyas) of Kerala.  They are the owners of this land.


Nair -
Hindu Caste of the Indian State of Kerala.  Before the British conquest i.e. 1792, the region contained small feudal Kingdoms in each of which the royal and noble lineages, the militia and most land managers were drawn from Nairs and related caste.  During British rule, Nairs became prominent in position, Government Service, Medicine, Education and Law.”  

(Encylopedia Britanica)

Nair - A people of Malabar coast of India that are probably Dravidians with Aryan admixture

(Oxford Dictionary)

Nair is the name of a Hindu caste in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. Nairs are an integral part of Kerala's culture and have a long and illustrious history. Nairs are a warrior class (a martial nobility). They are similar to the samurai of Japan. The word Nair is either derived from the Sanskrit word Nayaka (leader) or Naga (snakes, which the Nairs worshipped). The Nair class name also encompasses Menon, Panicker, Kurup, Pillai, Unni, Unnithan, Kartha, Thampan, Kaimal, Nayanar, Thampi, and Nambiar.

Nairs are not a caste, but a race with its numerous sub-castes and surnames. Nairs can be found in all walks of life. They are aware of their cultural traditions and history and  form an integral and active part of Kerala society.(Wickiepedia)

Nairs are the savarna hindus who constituted the warriors, landed gentry and yeoman of Kerala. Nayars are the largest and most important section of the society of Kerala.  They were the lords of the country and guardian of public weal.  (Robin Jeffrri – The Decline of Nair Dominance)

Traditionally a martial people, the Nairs have made history in Kerala.  Today they are more distinguished as bureaucrats, writers, artists, administrators and diplomats.  They are the only matrilineal community in the country.   (Religions and Community of India - Chopra. P.N. (Ed) 1982)

The word ‘Nair’ means one who leads, a leader, a guardian, a teacher or a father.(Nair Samudayathinte Ithihasm – Pattom G.Ramachandran Nair)Nair is not a caste, but a society of the Dravidian culture. (Nair Samudayathinte Ithihasm – Pattom G.Ramachandran Nair)

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