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Eettupula is the period prescribed to observe post delivery pollution. It is also known as Valayma.  Each community observes this custom for a period varying from seven to forty days.


    Guruvayoor Ekadashy

Chembai muscial concert on  Ekadashy  day

Ekadashy is the eleventh day after a full moon or a new moon day. Hindus observed the day with religious rituals and they observe vrutha (penance) on the day (thidhi) with a view to attain salvation after death.  Five types of ‘ekadashy’ are there. Shayanaikadashy: The ekadashy that comes in the full moon period of the month Karkidakom (July-August). It is believed that during this period Lord Vishnu begins his four month long sleep. Udhanaikadashy: The suklapaksha edkadashy during the month of Karthika when the deep sleep of Lord Vishnu ends. Parivarthana ekadashy: The suklapaksha ekadashy of the month of Proshtapada. Swargavathil Ekadashy: The swargavathil ekadashy is in the month of Dhanu.  Lord Sri Krishna recited Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna on that day. Besides this, the Guruvayur Ekadashy (suklapaksha of Vrichikom), Tripayar Ekadashy, Thiruvillwamala Ekadashy  (in Kumbhom (February-March)), Kadavallur Ekadashy and Nelluvay Ekadashy are also important.  Among these, Guruvayur Ekadashy is most important.


This is a form of punishment.  Touching the left ear with the right arm and the right ear with the left arm one has to bend himself and then stand erect. The elbow has to touch the ground.  This has to be repeated several times.  This was the main type of punishment in schools in olden times. In temples, devotees themselves do this practice to forgive their sins.

Ethirelpu (Welcome)

Ethirelpu is a function of welcoming nobles and dignitaries by advancing forward.  At the time of marriage, bridegroom will be welcomed so in the bride’s residence and bride in the bridegroom’s residence.  This will be accompanied by kurava, ashtamangalyam and deepam.

Ettangadi chudal

A function organised by women on the day before Thiruvathira in the month Dhanu (December-January). The tubers will be roasted and added with coconut, banana and cowpea and offered to Lord Siva and Parvathy.


This is the travel path of Shani (Saturn) at the time of birth of an individual from the place of the moon to its second and twelfth place.  This lasts for seven and half years. According to astrologers this period will bring bad results.  In general the Saturn period is considered to be very bad.  If it is ezharashani, it will be still worse.

Ezhunnallthu (Procession)

The temple procession conducted on festival days with the idol of the God usually on the top of an elephant. In traditional temples musical instruments will also be played on this occasion by accompanying men.


Ezhuthiniruthuka is the practice of initiating a child for the first time to writing and reading.  On the Vijayadashami day it is widely practiced and on other days it is done only after deciding the auspicious time and place.  It is commonly performed in Saraswathy temples, Thirur Thunchan Parambu, Chitoor Thunchan Mutt etc.  Some do the function in their home itself.  This function is also done at Sreemookambila Temple at Kollur (Karnataka), Panachikkad Saraswathy temple near Kottayam, Chottanikkara temple at Ernakulam and Thiruvullakkavu Sastha temple at Thrissur. (Also see Aksharapooja).

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