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The reward given to priests for performing pooja or sradham is known as Dakshina.  On birthdays the temple priests are also given dakshina.  Betel wine (3 Nos), areca nut and coins are usually used to pay the dakshina.  Cloth, flower and garland are also given.  The practice of giving dakshina to the Gurus and Asans (teachers) were also there.


The function held in temples during dusk.  The priest offers prayers to the diety with a large number of wicks in a thalam. The bells are sounded continuously. It is considered to be an auspicious act to pray during deeparadhana time.  At Thiruvarpu temple deeparadhana is conducted after Athazha pooja whereas in all other temples it is done before Athazha pooja.


The practice of taking temple idol on the top of elephant around a locality at the time of temple festival is known as Desamvalath.


Dwadashi is the next day of the Ekadashy.  The Ekadashy vrutha (penance) ends on the Dwadashi morning.

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