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Sister Mythili
Revered friend,
we appreciate very much your contribution of the website
it is really very imformative for persons like me who live in Kerala Hailing from Tamilnadu.
I'm the Managing Trustee of the Charitable institution founded by Desikottama Dr GR.
His last venture after returning from the post of Vicechancellor of Gandhigram University is this "The Madhavimandiram Loka Seva Trust" founded in his mother Madhavi  Tankchi's name.
His photograph has not come out nicely.
You can go through the website for all the details of GR
this website was uploaded during GR centenary 2004-2005.
If you do the necessary corrections regarding GR we the Trustees, workers, staff and students of Dr GR Public school will be happy.
Suresh kumar
there is another portal nairs. org and a yahoo group
narayanan kurup
Dear Sir,
I had the oppertunity to visit the site and am vey happy to find your venture vey attractive,informative and interesting.
To my knowledge,  there are only very few attepmts made to make use of the modern information technology to project the glorious past of the great Nair community.
Recently, another  site was launched by Peroor (near Kottayam) based Karayogam, with initiative taken by a young member of our community. It is also designed very well and contains lot of useful  information.
Though there is ample scope for further expansion and improvement for your site, the effort is really praiseworthy and I wish you all the success in your sincere contribution.
With kind regards,
Sharjah,  U.A.E. 
great effort!
Bala Murali
Dear Nairs!
Thanks to the brains behind this effort.
Itz really great. I would like to give a suggetion.
Itz gud if you could find Nair enterpruners (like
Kernel Krishnan Nair of Leela group) and arrange job
placements also for jobless Nair youths.
Kevin Pillai
I was impressed and delighted when i browsed the site. It makesme proud the somebody atlast decided to work on and launch asite on our glorious history and contribution to Kerala overthe centuries. However, i would like tp put forth certain comments:
In the 'Social Setup' in the hyperlink 'nairs..nairs', you'd mentioned that the Shudras in the early brahminical order became 'Nairs'. However, it may be remembered that 'Shudras' is not used in the same context as found in the nothern part of india. Shudras formed the bottom of caste hierarchy and were banned from learning and administration. they were supposed to do menail tasks for the upper castes.
However, Nairs formed the naduvazhis and other nobility in Kerala political and military setup. Many Nair families formed the hereditary diwans and commanders in the armies of local rajas. Nairs were not barred from learning sanskrit and had produced scholars through the centuries. Brahmins and royal families had matrimonial alliances with aristocratic Nair families. The consort of many of kings of Travancore and Cochin kings were nairs. Why, the royal family of Palakkad is Nair.
Thus it is seen that the term shudra IF and WHEN used must be put in the proper perspective and context, decipherable and unconfusing even to a non-Keralite. While the claimed superiority or inferiority of one caste over another is laughable (to put it mildly), sociological terminology and connotations  have to be used in a discretionary way with out being misled into wrong conclusions,.
i do hope that the learned editors of the site would give a thought to the above points.
ajai chandran nair
Dear sir
  In last march we did a website for a karayogam.I f u dont mind you can give our link in your site
  Please visit
  Your attempt is great
AP Padmakumar
Dear Brothers,
It was an excellent idea, looking forward for full development of site, including mail facilty also
also looking forwards to see the details of other deviations like pillai/kurup etc
with best wishes
Certain points!!!!
Raksh Mannadiar
to me
I would like to point out cerain anomalies in the web site:
1."Similar to Kshatriyas, they were second to the Brahmins (Namboothiris)." this sentence in your Nairs.Nairs/Classifications  page is not  clear. If you mean to say that Nairs were second to namboothiris in Kerala as Kshatriyas were in North India, the sentence does not reflect the meaning intended.
2. In the next paragraph, you had mentioned only about Paliytahachans. But is not the Palakkad Royal family Nair???
3. Sabdatharavali is the word that comes to mind when the words malayalam dictonary is referred to for the last  eight decades. I am narrating what i saw when i refered the dictionary a couple of days back.
Nair-  (Bahuvachanam of nayan) Keralathile malaya Kshatriyan
Nayan- nayagan
Malayanadu-malanadu (Kerala)
Pl remember that the original mauscript of the dictonary was examined by such stalwarts as Kerala Varma Valiya Koyi Thampuran, AR Raja Raja Varama etc.
4. Referingg the classification part, one gets an impression that In nairs there was occupation corresponding to kulathozil of different varnas like kshatriyas, vaishyas (Vyapari nair) and shudras (Veluthedathu etc.). So, are nairs a race???
From Prem - USA
Kudos to the team behind the new web site on Nairs. So informative and
aptly designed.
Comment - Last word/words in origin.html pages are missing. You may
want to make sure that document is properly scanned and clearly
readable to avoid reading discomfort.
Much thanks
Prem Nair,
Nair Society of Greater Washington (USA)
Rajan Pillai
jayadeep krishnapillai
Please do include Sri Rajan Pillai- the most outstanding industrialist/bussiness man, ever the Nair community has produced,in the list of eminent personalites
Ravi Totta
dear Sirs,
I was happy to see a site on our community. Is it owned by NSS??? Any way, i wonder why such an educated community waited for so long to launch a site??
In your 'Eminent Personalities' i could notice some important ommissions. A cursory browsing brought out these ommissions eg The Paliathachans, Edassery the poet, Kamala Das, Anita Nair etc.. There would surely be more and more absentees from the pantheon of nair greats. Atleast the prominent among them should not be forgotten.Are not the Kannassa brothers known as Niranam poets, nair???
Another clarification i found in Social Setup link. The sentence 'Nairs became prominent during the feudal period (17th to 19th century).' mignt need modification. Were the nair dominance as late??? In fact, the time mentioned represents the last phase of their golden age. Nairs became prominent in the civil and military establishment of Kerala centuries before. The diwans and rank and file of military were generally drawn from the Nair community. The feudal aristocracy where overwhelmingly from the Nair community (though a few Nampoothiri nobility also thrived). The Ettuveetil Pillamar had been  the defacto rulers atleast from the 14th century. Please explain!!!!
Another doubt. Are Nairs, a community that produced scholars, poets and statesman from time immemorial, Shudra??? 
how nairs are swarna
Siam Press
to me 
If you belive in varana system, you should have a minimium knowledge about the system, swarna means upper cast in hindu varna system and they have the rights to worship the god and goddess, but nair have no rights to worship god and goddess.
Saji panikar
M. Radhakrishnan

I had a chance to view your website It was interesting. I felt that the following eminet Nair of the present needs a mention in the "Eminent Personalities" section.
E. Sreedharan, MD of Delhi Metro. He is a Padma Sree award winner. He also appears regularly in the India Today 100 personalities of India in the last 2 years along with Ambanis, Tata, Narayana Murthy etc.
You can get more info on him thru a google search.

Sarath Chandran
 The site is a good one.I think, if the language using
is malayalam, it will be better.
thanking you,
saraschandran nair.b
Good work ::::
Sino Sebastian
to me 
First of all I would like to congratulate the people behind this site. It is a bold step from the Nair society to educate the new generation about the past and present about their community. At the same time it also help people like me to understand more about the Nair community. Wish all success and keep the spirit up..
Good work indeed and hope all the menu tabs will update shortly
Sino Sebastian
Sr.Business Analyst
Tourtellotte Solutions
321 Commonwealth Road
Suite 303
Wayland, MA  01778
Unites States of America
(508) 653-2770 x106
(508) 653-2276 fax
Good work!!!
Suman Babu D
Dear Sahithyavedi Organisers/Editor
It was a pleasure to see your site hosted as Prays to god that this platform would eventually become a renaissance initiative for nairs. The NSS is not true representative of the Nair Ethos. And they are failing constantly to provide upliftment to the Nairs. Generally Nairs are the most downtrodden these days. It requires extraordinary efforts to regain the lost face (if not the glory) of the community.  Some sensible forum shold take the direction of the community. Or the nair boys would end up in every criminal cases registered in kerala. Also they would end up hanging on the wayside lampposts as we see regularly.
Kudos for your initiatives. Also more and more features like 'Discussion Board' may be added to the site so that it gives opportunities for people to opine. 'Typical Nair Baby Names'  may be added to the site.
with regards
TailPiece:: NSS have started discussion with the Christian leadership on the Swasraya Bill. (News dated 30 Aug 06):::: Eliye(vellappalli) pedichu illam chudan paathiriyude mumbil muttippayi poyittundu Panikkarum sinkidiyum. Evan samudaayathinte poha kaanaathe povoollenna thonnunne.
Vellappalli is doing Yeomen service to his community. We donno if he is a fraud or anything.
U can reach me at  also
Feed back about
Dear Sir
I visited yr site and its really really interesting . The person who got the idea to start this site is really great and I respect him for his ideas. I would like to contribute to this site in which ever way I can
One idea is to put a Marriage bureau in this site . Yes it will look really awkward to have such a thing in a site where there is lots of information being shared  . But this will definitely make people visit the site more. Or I suggest have a sub site section for these activities for the benefits of the NAIR society.
Also another suggestion is have a site for the Jobs which are available in some companies .This will make the youth to take interest in this site.
Suresh Nair
Project Manager ,
Satyam computer
Further Comments!!!!
Kevin Pillai
to me 
Dear Sir
I am thankful for all your kind words. i went through the views of your expert. Then i wonder why the words that i'd misgivings about (and i many in the community share this sentiment) is still retained. I can understand to an extent when it is given in the sunlink 'Classifications'. But why should it be retained in sublinks 'Social Setup' and 'Nairs and Nagas'???
I gather that the N.A.I.R.S started this website to diseminate amongst the public the rich culture, history and indisputably valuable contibution of the Nair community. Very Good!!! It's something which was long overdue. The whole community would be grateful to you. But remember that the website would be viewed as well by non-Nairs, and non-Keralaites. It's the duty of the website to see to that on no account, the impression and understanding created in them puts the community in less than  glorious light. Nothing should  overshadow the contribution and rich culture of the nairs.  Would any company air an advertisement belittling their product ?????
I am confident that you would look into all this aspects, and take necessary steps which would enrich the value of the website.
About handing over the site to NSS. Have you talked to the General Secretary? I beleive that the learned lawyer he is, he would surely understand the value of this site.
Best regards
TheNairs site:wrong information
Manu Mulavely
to me
Hello Sir,
It was indeed a pleasure to go through your website on the Nairs. I have never seen so much information regarding Nairs in a single website. You deserve an applause from the Nair community. However i noticed an error in the site which described certain Nair surnames.
You have said that Unnithan and Valiathan were titles give to people who performed great deeds for the Rajahs. However, i being an Unnithan, have always learnt from my family that Unnithan is not a Sthana Peru ie a title or position. It is a Janma Sthanam ie position recieved by birth only.
Like Thampis are the children of the ruling Rajahs, Valiathan and Unnithans are children of other Thampurans who have no claim to the throne. For eg, the son of the Rajah will be called a Thampi, but the son of the Rajah's brother will be an Unnithan or Valiathan. That is teh reason why Unnithans and Valiathans, like Thampis, traveled in Palanquins and didnot touch or marry other Nairs. They are also regarded as Samanthans. This is what i have heard,
Kindly make the changes regarding the same. The same information is available on Wikipedia also. - Manu Mulavely
Dear Sirs,
It is really a wonderful job you all have done to create such a long cherished website for Nairs. I really appreciate you all for this remarkable job. Could you please clarify, is this site is an official site for NSS or it is an independant site by Saahityavedi?
Also, some Nair youths would like to form an association in Dubai. Could you help us in any way to move us forward to unite our Nair youths?
Wating an early reply.
Thanks once again
====================================== - a fruitful effort
suresh kumar
to me
An absolute necessity of time
A well organised and informative site
A platform for linking scattered data
A window for the generations
Let us salute the selfless Nair warriors who served
the feudal System   silently  and faithfully but  lost
their lives in protecting our soil from  foreign
Please see that pages for news and eminent persons do
not lead to ‘Page not found’
Wishing all success
With regards
P.M.Suresh Kumar
Vennala, Kochi

ajith p kaimal
congratulations for the effort in making the site.historical
background is too precise.
traditional tharavaads and their history
should be added.

i would like to know whether  and how, we can add
our family history with pictures to the site?
recently, coins of
sreenarayana guru were released.
efforts should be made to install the
statue of velu thampi, chattambiswami and mannathupadmanabhan in
commomerative stamps and coins should be released in the
name of these people.even members of nair communitydont know much about
our leaders.
 please reply how can it be done.
thank you
With regards to the efforts made to bring the community together
sreedas p
Dear All,
My heartiest congratulations to all those who are working behind this academy and website. This ill definitely bring all nair community members who are spread across this universe and will throw some lights on the famous souls lived in the past and contributed a lot to the art, cultural and literature field .
However, I would like to bring to your notice about a famous musician who  lived in Chetikulangara, Mavelikara.  he is none other than Late Shri Kannamangalam Prabhakaran Pillai. He contributed a lot to ther nair community and also created a niche in the field of karnatic music.
I think you have missed his name from the eminent personalities list.
Appreciate your thoughts.
Very much impressed on your website
Raseesh Nair
to me 
Dear Sir,
I seen this website and impressed verymuch ......And very proud of knowing that nair is nothing but the history f kerala....
And i just want to know regarding other caste system in kerala too....Waht is their contribution to kerala culture
I will be in continues contact with you further.........
Raseesh Kumar.M
Manu Pillai

Let me commend you first on the great and informative website you have created in the form of and it is, I believe, the most comprehensive website containing information on a particular caste. The reason for this mail besides appreciating the wonderful effort is to enlighten you with certain errors that I found on the 'Classifications' page.
I possess the book known as the 'Travancore State Manual' which gives much information about the Nairs and I find that most of the information is correct. Nevertheless there is a slight error in one of the last paragraphs where the title of 'Unnithan' and 'Valiathan' are mentioned.
It says Unnithan is the title given to people who performed remarkable deeds. However in fact just like 'Thampi' was the title given to the descendants of the Travancore Maharajah, the children of the non ruling royal families were called either Valiathan or Unnithan.
For example, the royal family of Mavelikara. The Mavelikara Rajah's children gain the title of Valiathan because he is a chief of Mavelikara. His brothers, who have no ruling power but are still princes, marry Nair ladies and their children are Unnithans. Similarly in the Travancore Royal family, the non ruling princes marry and their children also have the title of Unnithan. Their ladies use the title of 'Kunjamma'.
I just wished to bring this to your notice. You may even refer to the Unnithan article on wikipedia.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Manu Pillai
Anil Kumar
to me 
Dear sir,
There are some errors in your article "Mamangam".Kerala never had a king as kerala state came into being in 1956.So it was never a contest to decide who should be the king of kerala.

krishnachandran M
Hi Sir,
      I am krishnachandran M , am a software enggr working in banglore, I came to know about this site from orkut
      No words I can find to appreciate you on this effort,
      I am from pandalam, belongs to edayareth family, perumpulickal.
     I am only 22 now, your effort has enriched my knowledge about nairs origin, history, eminent personalities and social reformers
    Any way thanks a lot, and I would like to give a part in your efforts.
With regards,
 Krishnachandran M
 S/o C Mohanachandran.M
 Peroor house,
Question RE Website

Nair, Sandeep (NIH/NIMH) [C]
Good afternoon,
Thank you for providing this resource. There is quite a bit of potential here, but I noticed that your site still requires some additional editing with regards to grammar and vocabulary. I have been involved in the editing of professional scientific and medical documents for years, and have extensive experience in managing and editing various English publications both here in the United States as well as in Canada.
As well, I noticed that while the design is fantastic, there are large sections of graphics that are missing entirely, at least from all of the systems that I have accessed here. Hopefully you are already aware of this.
I am interested in working with international Nair organizations, and would like to communicate with a single point-of-contact, if possible.
Please let me know if I may assist in any way.
Thank you.
PS. Please do not post my employer information, found beneath my name. Thank you.
Mr. Sandeep Nair
Office Manager
Special Assistant to the Scientific Director
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Someone missing!
Arun Nair
The website is an ocean of info on Nairs.
Well  mainitained and great aesthetics with superb contents.
Just a humble suggestion. why not add a few words about AMSI NARAYANA PILLAI, the freedom fighter who wrote the song VARUKA VARIKA SAHAJARE.... am the grandson of this great person and it hurts me to find his name left out of this website. He was one of the pioneers of the freedom struggle in Kerala, the person who EMS Namboodiripad had mentioned in his biography as his guru and mentor. that was the kind of influence he had over the people. but to find him removed from the leaves of history i feel it is not fair. i hope u do give this mail some thought. please include a line atleast about this personality in the website. please feel free to correspond to this mail id. thanks and keep up the good work.
arun m nair (amsiarun)
h menon
Dear Nairs
Very nice site. Wish you the best. 
May be you should add the word "PUNNYAHAM" to your rituals page since it's a most talked about word in Kerala now!!
Thank you.
to me 
Hai Friends ,
I am Manu.M. From I am very interested with u r Web. This project is the essential one for the Nair Community and its Cultural & historical background . But . NSS ..? " Deepastambham mahacharyam , namukkum Kittanam panam" . I Don't like that Team., Valumuricha Nethavinte Valinmel Shawryamulla makkal. Just Invite NSS management for studying ur web. Wishing u all the best & Success
saahithyavedi g
to manu 
In fact we showed the site to NSS.But they dont have interest in websites.....
may be because of ignorance
what to do.....
to me 
Hai Dear Friend,
They Don't need any thing. They Need Cash Only.
Thanks for u r Reply. 
Nair & Padayani.
Hai Dear Friend.
I have a Suggestion about u r Web. U r not included any details about Padayani. Padayani is the Important thing in Nair Community in the Central travancore zone. But u r not included any Details in u r Festival page also. Padayani is related to Nair & Pada. ( Bhada janangalkidayillulloru padayani kkiha cheruvan.... by Kunjan nambiyar). Some padayani Centers are permanently closed at the 
time of Nair Community renovation by Mannam & Chattambi Swamikal.
Firstly i wish to correct an earlier email that i had sent emphasising the Unnithans and Valiathans as descendants of non ruling Kshatriyas of Travancore. It was a mistake on the part of the Travancore Manual writer Nagam Aiya and was corrected later. But this email is for some more info.
The website mentions the connection between the Nairs and Nagas. One thing that it forgets to mention is that even in the traditional account of Kerala, from the Keralolpathi, the Nairs came with the Brahmins from Ahikshetra, Panchala which was a Naga area. Thus even tradition ascribes Naga origin to the Nairs. And then the remaining things like kavus etc which you have mentioned.
Interesting Forum post on
Agni Sharman
Hi saahithyavedi@gmail.,
The following email has been sent to you by Agni Sharman from Simply Malayalees.
If this message is spam or you find it offensive please contact the webmaster of the forum at the following address: -
Include this email and the following: - BBS=Simply Malayalees;ID=1;USR= agnisharman;
Please note that the reply address to this email has been set to that of Agni Sharman.
Message sent: -
Hi saahithyavedi@gmail.
I found a silly mistake on your website.
A visitor will not be able to move to other pages from your page at since all links are to filename.HTML whereas it has to be FILENAME.htm
Links on the other pages are correct.
for example if i try to go to Eminent personalities it takes me to whereas it has to be
agni sharman
I thought you might be interested in a post on Simply Malayalees at: -
Your site
K Kunhikrishnan
to me 
Dear friend,
Kindly recall our meeting yesterday in the room of Mr. BMC Nair at Mascot Hotel. It was nice meeting Mr. Pattom Ramachandran Nair and you.
I went through your site and found it very good. Could not find BMC's name in the alphabet N. may it is there.
My details are available on a site called, as I belong to that place. May be it has to be corrected/updated. Once you locate it kindly call me at 9447794455 or 2 364455.
Thanks and regards,
Arul Madhavan
to me 
"Adoor Gopalakrishnan is an accomplished Cine Director that the world has ever seen."
This sentence structure is  one of the many wrongly formed sentences I found on your website. I am tired of explaining to other people that malayalees aren't ignorant idiots who can't speak english properly, I, being living proof that what people think is not true. Your website on Nairs came up on a Kunchan Nambiar search that I ran and initially, I was impressed. But the sentence mentioned above and many others I found on your site serve as proof that Malayalees cant speak english, something I've been trying to set right for years. I request you to review your site and give us something to back up the statement "I am living proof that we can converse in english just as anyone else can."
And if you are not going to take this seriously, you don't have to. I am not a professor, I am not someone you would like to acknowledge. I am a mere 13 year old, born and brought up halfway around the world from Kerala who was disgusted at the appalling language on your site. About the correction?Take it or leave it.
Yours Sincerely
saahithyavedi g
to Arul 
thank u for pointing out the mistake
you will be appreciated, if u have sent the correct sentence also in the mail
thank u for ur efforts in trying to set right the poor  malayalees in teaching good english......
that too in an age of 13 years...
saahithyavedi g 2/11/08
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Arul Madhavan <arulmadhavan@gma...
Arul Madhavan
to me 
'Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the most accomplished cine directors that thw world has ever seen' would be one of the right ways of putting it. But like I said in my other mail, this is not an isolated incident. And by no emans the only error on your website. Thank you for taking this seriously, I trust that you will review your site so that non malayalees can enjoy it and think twice before stereotyping. My efforts? Just an odd correction here and there, teaching and learning at the same time, but you are most welcome.
Yours sincerely

very interesting !!!
Muralee Thummarukudy
I just came across the NAIRS site, very interesting, good job well done
saahithyavedi g
to Muralee 
Dear Mr Muralee Thummarukudy
Thank you for ur interest in OUR website
Give publicity to the domain.Keep in touch
Sanjeev Nair
Sir C. Madhavan Nair kt.pc.
sreelata menon
to me 
Going through the nair website was great fun .It was interesting spotting various uncles and aunts and their contributions to the world.One name I found missing under 'M' was of Sir Chettur Madhavan Nair who was not only Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair's direct nephew(sister's son) but also his son .in law.He too rose to great eminence and was a judge and member of the Privy council in London.He and his wife Lady Madhavan Nair(daughter of Sir Sankaran nair) retd and settled in Madras(Lynwood-Kodambakkam high rd) . He passed away in 1970 while Lady Madhavan Nair did so in 1982.He was Sir Sankaran Nair's eldest son in law while KPS Menon was the youngest.
He also wrote a book on one of the most troublesome chpters of his uncle/father-in-laws life which is I believe now a part of history! His three children were Brig.Palat Sankaran Nair.Mrs palat Narayani menon(wife of Parakat Madhavaenon ICS) and Palat Madhavan Nair-my father!
With regards
saahithyavedi g
to sreelata 
Thank u for ur interest in our website
We agree, its an omission,not purposeful...
Pl.send a brief biodata with a picture 
we will upload it soon
Please clarify some confusions
ambarish pillai
to me, ambarish 
Dear Sir,
Please clarify some confusions
1. Who is superior in Central Travancore Pillai or Kaimal
2. who is Edesshery Nairs
Pls do the needful
saahithyavedi g
to ambarish 
dear ambarish
I have forwarded ur mail to the historian "Pattom Ramachandran Nair" who wrote "NAIR SAMUDAAYATHINTE ITHIHAASAM"
I will inform u the details later
P. K. Panicker
to me 
Request to add our website name also in your site
Please confirm.
your website
Tourindia Holiday[p]LTD
Dear sir
  As per our meeting today i have visited your site and very much impressed .
One important point is that you should have a hyperlink under cotact us .
 Now ihave to create a mail and  cut and paste your email address.
 This may make it difficult for people to cotact you easier
 With best regards
 Babu varghese
saahithyavedi g
to Tourindia 
thank u for ur comments
Website -nairs
to me 
Dear Sirs,
I am in New Delhi since last 16 years.
Just I was able to access the website for 3-4 minutes.
the effort is very much appreciatable.
wishing all the very best.
R.Muralidharan Pillai
Dear Sir,
I am a Nair from Kodungallore.  I have gone thru your website and especially the Hindu Festival section. Almost all of the festivals except Shivarathri, mentioned in the list does not matches with the usual Hindu festival celebrated in other parts of India like Holi, Rakshabandhan etc etc.  For example, the site says that Deepavali is celebrated by Nairs to commemorate the killing of Narakasura by Lord Krishna whereas in rest of India it is celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana. 
My question is if the festival celebrated by Nairs does not matches with that of other Hindus from rest of India, how can Nair be Hindus.  This question has been in my mind for quite a long time.
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4 older messages
PM JAYAN     5/8/08
Dear Sanjeev, When can I know the answer to my question.
saahithyavedi g
to PM 
Dear jayan
pl.inform me the qualifications and the nature of work...if its worth publishing in our site we will defenitely include ur biodata in the link
request to include details of Samastha Nair Samajam
stc peruva
to me 
I gone through your website.  and I was very happy to see a link to Samastha Nayar Samajam under Nair organisation.  But I noticed that the details are not yet fed there.  also the name of the organisation is "Samastha Nair Samajam" and not "Samastha Nayar Samajam".  It is based at Mammiyoor Guruvayoor.  If you are interested to complete it you may contact them and get further details.  it has affiliated units all over kerala
Thanking you
stc peruva
to me 
 Dileep S
While surfing through net, I accidently saw this site which is very intersting, attractive and informative. I feel this can be converted in to a 'one stop shop, for all who are interested to know about the community.Congratulating those behind this noble effort.I am interested to have the CD released by you. I will also try to supply certain relevent informations on the community.
Msg. from Chennai
reghu v
Faculty Head
Rajiv Gandhi national Institute of Youth Development,(RGNIYD)
Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India,
Sriperumbudur – 602105 (Tamil Nadu)
Dear Sirs,
I am glad to learn about the Web Site NAIRS.
It is really informative and educative.
The work you have done is highly appreciated.
I am a native of Trivandrum
(Pattom East, S/o of Velauydhan Nair, Marackal Vilakom ), now working with 
Rajiv Gandhi national Institute of Youth Development, which an autonomous
Institute under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India,
Sriperumbudur,Tamil Nadu.
I hope I will be able to visit the academy some time in future,
when I visit Trivandrum.
With Good Wishes
Plz be in touch with,
Sincerely yours
V.Reghu, dt.31/07/2008
saahithyavedi g
to reghuvm 
thank u for visitng our site 9447968172 when u visit tvm
nellum samskrityum
d prabha
to me 
you will get very good account of nayar ancestry in sankaran nair's nellum samskrityum published by bhasha institute. Luckily it is low priced and the ensuing exhibition at VJT hall from 4th aug will enable bulk purchase of the book at low price
thanking you
saahithyavedi g
to d 
thank u for ur good advise
Nair. in
to me 
Your information in the 
Born in 1919 at Ottapplam (Palakad District).
M.Govindan was an illustrious poet. He was also known as the leader of neo-humanist movement in Malayalam and an ardent follower of M.N.Roy.
Information to be corrected:
Place of birth is Ponnani; not Ottapplam.
M. Govindan was a post-communist thinker and writer - an illustrious poet and short story writer (stories like Sarppom, Raniyde Patti are famous).
Kindly try to correct...
Jiju Nair
Dear Administrator of NAIRS,
I was very pleased to see our organization (Nair Society of Greater Washington) being listed in your website and applaud your efforts in maintaining such an useful website. If you can update our information in your website, it will be great. Our new information is as follows.
President: Ravi Saraswathi (
Secretary: Ajith Menon
Treasurer: Pramod Mohan
Web Site:
Also, please check out news on our Onam function from the link below
Prasad Damodaran
At one point of time u were saying that Nair were the warriors of Kerala and the women could keep many a husbands.  Were not they ashamed to keep so many husbands?  is it not a kind of prostitution?
Please reply.  What kind of a race is it?
A request
Sreejith Gopalan Nair
to me 
Hi ,
I felt we missed MKK nair’s profile in eminent personalities. Please try to include him if possible.
request information
Houman Tampi
to me 
Dear Sir,
I checked your wounderfull website, actually I'm interested about TRAVANCORE (The Kulasekhara Dynasty ) genealogy, but I culdn't find information from your site, could you let me kow how can I reach information about this regards.
Best Regards

pradeep balu
to me 
hi sir ,
i  was just looking at your site
There i found my about my grandfather MGR 
his Father's  Name is Marathur Gopala Menon pls correct it 
Thanking you 
Grandson of M.G.R & M.G.chakarapani
Pradeep Balu
 Balachandran Nair
Dear Sir/Madam,
In your Eminent Personalities, perhaps you
should include Mr C V Devan Nair who among
others was the President of Singapore from
24 October 1961 to 28 March 1985.
Attached please find further info.
Thank you and best regards.
including a name
 beautifull nilambur
to me 
Dear sir,
This letter is mailed to you just to get in notice that you have left a prominent name among nairs . Hehas been consideredas the " lavanyavathi at arangu". Hope you got the name its none other than Kottakkal Sivaraman from the Kathakali feild .
Feeling that You may include his name too.
saahithyavedi g 3/23/09
thank u pl.send a brief biodata of him....if u have sasneham SanjeevNair
beautifull nilambur
to me 
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your quick reply.I will give his whole bio data in a couple of days . Hope fully by the middle of next month the person whom i mentioned is my grant uncle. he is one of the elder personalities among our family. So i will try to get details right from his face.
Vikas Murlidhar
to me 
hello sir/madam,
Congrats on starting this site. Its required, more by NAIRS like me, who r brought up outside Kerala n r also now working/settled outside Kerala. The site is doing a good n admirable service to the community-members, by transmiting the history, culturen achievements of our community to our future generations.
with regards,
Re: 'Thitambu' ritual dance form
Kodoth Rajan
Dear sir
I introduce this dance to future programmes
--- On Wed, 15/4/09, saahithyavedi g <> wrote:
From: saahithyavedi g <>
Subject: Re: 'Thitambu' ritual dance form
To: "Kodoth Rajan" <>
Date: Wednesday, 15 April, 2009, 5:20 PM
dear sir
thank u for visiting our site
if possible, send it by email attachment. we will upload the photos
kindly give publicity to the site among ur friends
  On 3/29/09, Kodoth Rajan <> wrote:
 I have visited the site, it is very nice.Among the popular art forms in India, the popular 'Thitambu nritham' of North Kerala,India is one. Being a resident in Malabar, I was able to see the art form in many temples.Recently, it is being developed as a classical dance form.
 I have few photos and details of the dance form.If required, please contact me.I shall send it.
an enormous mistake under VELU THAMPI DALAWA’s description
S.Hari lal
to me 
Dear friend I found an enormous mistake under VELU THAMPI DALAWA’s
description as stated below
Karthika Thirunal Maharaja appointed him as ‘Sarvadhikaryakkar’
Additional Solicitor General during 1979-80.He was also the  President
of International Association for Lawyers. He appeared for several
important and historical cases like Pondichery Assembly Speaker
election case, dismissal of Karunanidhi’s Ministry during emergency
period, Babri Masjid case, Mandal Commission etc.
Thank you.
Good Work
Varun R Pillai
to me 
Hi, is a very good website.I expect more kind of networking achieved through this website.There are lot of nair associations through out the world. It will be great if we can co-ordinate all of them through this website.Good Luck.
Thanks and Regards,
Varun Ramachandran
NAIRS , Great work
vinoth kumar
to me 
Hi there ,
      I recently visted this website, this is really excellant , being born in this great community  , now i realised how beautiful is its traditions,history, cultures, educations, spiritual wisdom ,peoples attitude and contributions towards the development of India and to this planet. Born in a village in kanyakumari dist, by usual school education i studied all common subjects , but we had no access to learn the orgin and then several developments of my community. There is several NSS organisations here , but everybody is forgetting to transform this vital knowledge to younger generations. This website contains all vital informations of  Nair community , which is a great help for me to understand , what my surname says about me. I have no words to express my gratitude to NAIRS - keep this academy and its great work alive.
Vinoth S Nair
NAIRS -Information
sasi nair
to me 
I am very glad and enlightened to visit the web site and noted the valuable information about our community. My hearty congratulations for this noble venture.
Kindly add our name also under NSS-Overseas. Kindly visit our web site and know more about our activities in UAE (Dubai.)
Wish you all success. If you need any assistance from us, please be in touch.
Sasikumar Nair
Founder Treasurer and Former President, NSS Dubai.
Details on customs
rajesh menon
to me 
I would like to know more about birth pula. Like:-
Whether applicable to father and his family
Whether applicable to mother's family
The period to be observed
Any pooja to be done after the pula
When to enter the temple 
Please give as much details as possible and also request you to publish on your website
Hello, About website
Sree @
to me 
I am Sree Pillai, a software engineer by profession living in Chenkottukonam. I happened to visit website. But it is my feeling that, the contents of the website are not much visited by people. I find that, the website lacks some technical expertise to bring the information to the outside world.
I am also a technology writer at and writes about malayalam spiritual topics at 
Please contact me if the Sahithya Vedi would like to have my assistance in making the site reach more people. I am available at this email address ( or on cell phone 9349986239 or can meet personally at my Kazhakkoottam office too.

Thanks & Regards,
Sreekandakumar Pillai

Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair
to me, Dr.Achuthsankar 
I request you to kindly permit use of biographies in teachers archive being set up by govt of Kerala
this is about the relation between nairs and bunts(shettys) of tulu nadu
ruchita shah
to me 
Dear Sir,
       I am Anand Menon and i believe we are connected to the bunt
community(shettys) of tulu nadu.this is because they are matrilineal
like us and serpent worshippers.tulu brahmins give them kshatriya
status of nagavanshi order and i believe we are kshatriyas of
nagavansham.we are not sudras are mentioned in your
website.namboodiris are rigid brahmins and their belief is everybody
is shudra who does not follow vedic philosophy.this information about
connection with bunts who came from the serpent kingdom of
akshikshetra in the north needs mention,we nairs first settled in tulu
nadu as bunts and then statrted migrating to kerala.since we suddenly
make an appearance in kerala history
 Thanking you
Anand Menon,
Question about Pudamuri
Achyuth B Nambiar
to me 
I would like to know more about 'Pudamuri'. 
Just wanted to confirm whether, on the day of marriage, the guy give the girl pudava (the cloth) after tearing it by half, or he gives one complete cloth.
I got to hear from my grandparents that the guy would bring one cloth, and it is torn into two pieces, the one is given to the bride and the other one he keeps with himself.
To find more on this i tried searching the net. but could not get any information on tearing one cloth (or puda muri).
Please let me know if you any details on this. Or please guide me so that i can try finding more details.
Awaiting your reply.
Nairs Academy of Information, Research and Services (N.A.I.R.S.)
Joseph Ramanair
to me 
I came across your website and find it very interesting and informative. 
My generation too came from Malabar before migrating to Malaysia. Not much is known about the history of my generation. All I know is that my grandfather was from Malabar and came over to the Kingdom of Sarawak in Borneo during the time of the Brooke dynasty which would be sometime around 1920-30s. He was responsible for bringing in workers to the kingdom at that time. I am trying to trace my roots and would appreciate it very much if you could point me to some sources who may know anything about the migration of Nairs in the early years, if possible.
Regarding improvement in Nair Society
sunil nair
to me 
Dear Sir,
            the website is beautiful & catchy.I am a nair who lives out of Kerala (in mumbai).
I have observed that a lot of things have to be improved in the existing Nair society.As you might be aware(pls excuse me if i am hurting any sentiments) most of the decision makers in kerala are today are middle aged and they are happy just boasting about our culture.
But the real thing i want to bring to your notice is that enough of this cultue boasting,talking about kathakali & our culture.
We should have a  Social group where the nair youths should be asked to participate &v guidance should be given to them regarding education &  job .
Here are some improvements to be made:
       1 The problem with nairs is that they are self-centred,if a nair is rich or well settled then he closes his door to everybody even his own brothers & sisters.I think the culture of love & mutual respect atleast for your own brothers & sisters is absent  among nairs.I know many other nairs who are of the same opinion as i have.
2 Most of the nair parents are not good parents ,the reason is that they have a opinion that if they are over-strict with children they will look after them.But it is awrong notion,because most of the loser Nairs are the children of such parents only.Instead of that good values should be put into them
3 you can take the examples of how north indians get their relatives into government jobs,if one of them gets a job.but on the contrary if there are two nairs in a office they feel egoistic even to talk to each other.
So i think that there is no social unity among nairs ,this is the case in Kerala,mumbai,banglore,delhi or US or any where
I think you can make a difference if you create a SOCIAL website containing forums & debates than making such cultural website
May Lord Ayyappa bless Nairs only
sunil nair
ajith kumar
to me 
I was just going thru different Hindu community info in wikipidea . i was surprise to know that there is relationship between Nair and bunts , i was bit confused , Is it really true ? wats ur thought on that?
lekshmi nair
to me 
Dear Sir,
My wishes to one and all who have taken the effort to develop this website.
Most of informations that was unknown to many, are mentioned in the site.
Once again I take this opportunity to thank all for this efforts.
Thanks and Regards
Lekshmi Chandrasekharan Nair
Balachandran Sathiapalan
to me 
   As a bit of feedback: . Somewhere in your webpage there is a statement that Nairs are the only matriliear
community. This is not true. The Tulu speaking Bunt community in Karnataka are matrilinear and in fact claim some
connection with Nairs.
A feedback from your website
Deviki Prabhakaran
to me 
Hello There,
I’ve visited your website a couple of times and I’ve learned so much about my roots. Being born and raised in a foreign country the latter Nair generation here is slowly forgetting their Malayalam roots and rituals. Just recently my grandpa had passed away, and during the funeral and after the funeral we were quite confused and sometimes completely clueless as to how to conduct the funeral in Malayalam approach …most importantly the Nair way. Since my grandpa was born in Kerala and had come to Malaysia at a very young age, he too did not seem to remember just how the actual Malayalam funeral is supposed to be conducted.
Although we had our Malayalam representative to help us through, he only came at about the last 1 hour of the funeral (he had to travel from far). However he did managed to conduct the funeral properly until to the cremation.
I would really appreciate if you could perhaps share with me the best modern Nair funeral rites for both male and female of the Nair descendent. From the very first process until to the first prayers and 16th prayers. So the next time we could at least have a rough idea on how to conduct a Nair funeral. All of my family members wish that when their time comes they wish to “depart” in a proper Nair funeral rites.
Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.
Info required
anish nair
to me 
This is Anish from Hartford,USA. I am basically from Kerala but we have been settled in Andhra Pradesh since 50+ years. I work for Accenture and I am working in USA since 3 yrs.
I have found site on internet and I really impressed. It has really good information about NAIRS. I just want to know is there any Nair associations around Hartford,CT,USA. If yes please provide me the details I would like to meet your team and know about your association.
Anish T
Vimal U Kurup
You people have done a great job creating the Nair Website. Congratulations...
I would like to point out a typo that I noticed.
On the page  Wikipedia is spelled as Wickiepedia.
Thank You
I have just visited
It's really informative and appreciable. Thanks a lot for updating this.
PS: I had done a documentary about Pala Narayanan Nair , 4 years ago. I would like to do a documentary on Mannam and NSS. Please feel free to let me know your suggestions or comments.
However (unfortunately) it looks like , we don't get enough people to highlight nowdays. The political and cultural system has changed and they are just concentrating on minorities. Look at the upcoming assembly election candidate list!
Find me on facebook : Inputs are welcomed to complete the short film as it's my wish :-)
Nairs site information
Rene Ragan
Hello, my name is Rene' Ragan.  I am a student at Ashford University.  I am writing a paper on the Nairs for my Anthropology course.  I have found so much interesting and wonderful information on the website and I would love to use the site for a reference.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding some of the information I need to create a proper citation, such as the publication date.  If someone could please contact me about this sort of information I would be very grateful!!!  Thank you for your time and consideration!!!  Warm Regards, Rene' S. Ragan
To NAIRS team
Bipin Kumar
Hi Team,
I am M.T. Bipin Kumar from Trivandrum district currently working as a Technical lead in multi national company. This site is very good and very informative. I would like to contribute to the upcoming developments as much as possible .Please let me know ..
Thank you for including Mahakavi pala narayanan Nair’s profile in this great web site. Hope that you will give a good photo  of mahakavi
Thanking you
Nair act
Manu Govind
Dear administrator,
have u ever come across Nair act. There's first nair act and second nair act. We feel, providing a link to such a document would be a added point
manu govind 
Book on Nair
cortlandtbooks Rand
to bcc: me 
We are delighted to offer you ‘Nair’ a book by a Nair on the Nairs of Kerala..
Nairs are unique. However, very few (including Nairs) are aware of how unique they are and their customs such as marumakkathayam ( matrilineal inheritance), kalaripayattu ( warfare) and sambandham (marriage).
This carefully researched book  written in a very lucid style is written mainly for Nairs to know themselves. And it is the only book available today in English on Nairs.
As a Nair I am sure you’ll be more than keen to know how special you are. Many who have read the book have bought additional copies for their children and their relatives for them to know of their background. These include former Chairman of SEBI, Mr. M. Damodaran, Mr. Tharoor, Member of Parliament and many others.
The book is written by Raghu Palat, who is himself a Nair. A great grandson of Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair ( A Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council and the only Malayalee to be a President of the Indian National Congress) and His Highness Sir Rama Varma, Maharaja of Cochin, Raghu Palat, is an author and a banker. He wrote this book as he was concerned that Nairs who have grown up and live outside Kerala may have forgotten of the uniqueness of the race. He believes it is important that one is aware of one’s heritage
 “ I enjoyed reading the book. Its informative,  historical yet easy reading. A must read for all Non Kerala Resident” Nairs – NKRN’s  Prasad Chandran , Chairman & CEO, BASF India.    
This book is priced at Rs. 195 per copy.
We are glad to offer you the book at Rs. 131 (a discount of 33%) plus postal charge of Rs. 40 (total Rs. 171). If you’d like to receive it by courier, the cost (inclusive of courier costs would be Rs. 201 if you live outside Mumbai and Rs. 171 if you live in Mumbai.
 How to order
Please send us your cheques/drafts payable to:
18 Bombay Market Apartment, 
78, Tardeo Main Road ,Tardeo, Mumbai 400034
If you would like to credit our account the details are:
Bank : HDFC Bank Ltd. Tirupati Apts. Shop No.4,  Bhulabhai Desai Road, 
Mumbai - 400026. 
Account Name: Cortlandt Rand Consultancy Private Ltd.
Account No. 00052000004148 
IFSC : HDFC0000005
Please do not request us to send the book through VPP as this facility is not available in all post offices in Mumbai and it is also costly
Posts on Nairs as Warriors
Bala Menon
I am a journalist/artist in Toronto.
Please look at these links and post your comments below them.
It is a new blog on the history of Kerala that I have started and I would like some feedback.
The links are:

Nair website photos
Anne Marie George
I have been looking at the webiste. 
We are putting together a not-for-profit Kerala cookbook with reference to Nair and Christian traditions/recipes.   Could you let us know where we could obtain a few photographs that represent Nair traditions/festivals?  Are we able to use any images from your site, and if so are there any restrictions on usage?
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Querry instead of suggestion
Lakshmi Aravind
With all respect,
Please clarify this doubt..
Is there a classification in Hindu-Nair caste based on names/surnames?
People who has name ends with 'appan' belongs to which caste/subcaste of Nair in Hindu community? For example "Rajappan", Dasappan"
A lot of spelling mistake &repitition is noted in the website.please correct the same.
nair vivaham
Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from
Dear Sir,
it was a fantastic work (  Thanks and cong. for the same.
if your goodwill give a detail of costumes of  nair marriage,  
 it will help the nair families already settled outside of kerala since a long time. 
V.S. Sanal Kumar
441, Amrit Vihar, Jalandhar- 144 004                
For a greener planet, please don't print this email unless necessary
Feb 7
First of all I would like to convey my  congrats to the team for a such wonderful work which is essential for the entire Nair community all around the world.
Some of my suggestions for making this initiative more useful are as follows :
1             It is better to have some members database with login/password
2.            Need a discussion forum to discuss the issues/any relevant matter of  Nair community 
3.            Immediate help/assistance facility to the needy persons of Nair Community
4.            Directory of  members to contact for any assistance/help
Lets try to make this venture a success. All the very best.

Information regarding Nair Family.
Sumathi Nair
Feb 25
to me 
Dear Sir,
     I am writing to thank you for the informational data which I read on line.I found the articles very enlightening with regard to my heritage. I am a descendant of the "Nair" family who has settled in Malaysia. My great grandfather Mr. Narayan Nair migrated to Malaysia and settled here during the British occupation of Malaysia. My name is Sumathi Nair and I am trying to gather information related to the worship of our ancestors. Thank you.

                                                                                                                          Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                                         Sumathi Nair
Mar 22
to me 
Would you have any information regarding the Vellattu pooja or ritual in Kannur? What are the offerings for that puja?
Thanks and Regards,
A Genuine Feedback on N.A.I.R.S.
Deepti Nair
Mar 31 (4 days ago)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to congratulate the whole team of N.A.I.R.S. for constructing such a good remarkable site which provides rich information on the topic of the Nair community.
Even I was in a confused state of mind as to which level we Nair used to belong; as I have read somewhere that Nair is "not a caste but a race." and that they are "sudras" and such stuff which I couldn't believe !
For that, I researched many articles and searched the net, but they were portraying Nairs as slaves to brahmins and what all...and what all bad references they were making which hurt my beliefs...I could not tolerate such bad references being made of my community!
But then, while surfing on the net again, without losing hope about getting a genuine information, I came across this site of yours which was genuine enough for me and the information that were provided in them were also true to its sense and I appreciate that.
It was very inspiring to know that Nair caste were the bravest of all (inventing the martial arts called "kalaripayyattu" which in a sense is equal to that of a samurai of Japan)and that at the end of 18th century ,Nairs were the one who came forth and utilised the educational as well as other good resources to become the most emerging and a greater community for the welfare of the people. And indeed, it has contributed to human welfare notably.
Also I heard about how minorities were let to suffer from the angst of these so called 'namboodiris', and how they were crushed against the feets of this nonsensical people proud of being a brahmin,
In fact, We are the true inhabitants of Kerala, "the Dravidians" and these are just the immigrants from european countries coming to our land and thereby boasting and establishing their kingdom over us..these "aryans".
Nair people are the  Leaders, warriors, good diplomats, bureaucrats, writers, artists.
Nairs are the largest and the most influential and most important section of the society of Kerala...
Without Nair, the land of Kerala in itself would have been a barren land and Kerala is known by the bravery and good deeds done by NAIR community
And I, being a Nair myself, am proud of calling myself a Nair.....
Truly speaking, the history of Nairs is indeed the history of Kerala....
Deepti Nair (pursuing MBA, Sem-II)
From Teresa George, Sydney, Australia
 teresa george
Jan 5
My name is Teresa George. I am based in Sydney.
I together with a Nair family friend, Mrs Leelamoni Pillai have been working on a cultural book with a focus on Nair traditions and lifestyle.
Sadly, Mrs Pillai passed away in February 2011 and I am now working, on my own, to complete our book.
The book's aim is to document and promote Nair tradition and Kerala culture.
100% of the book's sale proceeds will be presented to charity and to promote culture and tradition.
I am seeking your help for access to historical photos and descriptions of Nair traditions.
Specifically, I am looking for some  Nair photos relating to:
religious ceremonies
description of ceremonies
In my research I found your website..www. 
Your website  has been very helpful in providing me with better understanding of Nair traditions.
Dr Pillai, Leela's husband will be in Kerala at the end of February. 
Could he meet with you to discuss our book with you?.
We'd like to work with you, with your written consent, to include information and photos from you, in our book.
Credit to your organisation will be documented in the book.
I would appreciate an answer from you, asap, so that a) I can plan to make allowances in the book immediately and also to arrange a meeting with you and Dr Pilliai, in Kerala.
The book's manuscript must be finished by March and so our urgency.
Look forward to working with you
saahithyavedi g Jan 6
Hi Thank you very much for visiting our site. Happy to hear that you are work...
teresa george
Jan 7
Thank your for your prompt, positive response.
Delighted to meet with your organisation.
We shall contact you in a month's time to arrange a suitable date and time to meet with you in Kerala..
saahithyavedi g Apr 1 (3 days ago)
Dear Madam, We had discussions with Mr, KVP Pillai at Trivandrum some days ba...
teresa george
Apr 2 (3 days ago)
Thank you very much for your time and your information and photos for our book. 
I will make sure all pictures are credited to you - so please give me all the correct details for your organisation and we will publish accordingly.
Regarding sponsorship - I shall certainly help ..Can you specify what type of sponsorship you have in mind? Also, who should the sponsor contact?  



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