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Jathakarma is one of the Shodashacharangal of Namboothiris.  Jathakarma means writing of Horoscope. It has to be performed immediately on delivery, preferably within 36 hours.

Jathakaporutham (Matching of horoscope)

Before deciding a matrimonial alliance, the horoscopes of the man and lady will be compared to ascertain whether the couple will be a perfect match.  If two horoscopes are agreeable to each other the marriage will be fixed.

Jyolsya Viswasam (Belief in astrology)

The belief in astrology is another factor like custom, which links the minds of people and fills aspirations in them.  Astrology is one of the oldest sciences practiced in India.  Whenever a child is born, horoscope is written.  The horoscope will contain all the particulars of the individual beginning from birth to death.  It will also indicate both the minor as well as major incidents in oneís life, good things and dangerous situations etc.  In short, it is believed that the day-to-day life is closely related to astrology.  It is believed that Saturday and Wednesday are not suitable to begin treatment or diagnose a disease. Astrology also described the does and doníts from sunrise to moonrise, eclipse, morning and evening.
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