Mannam was one of the famous revolutionaries that Kerala has seen. He was one of the greatest organizers we have ever seen. He was also a teacher, an advocate, an orator and a stage artist.  He was the life, soul, spirit and moving force behind the Nair Service Society. Undoubtedly, the secret behind the success of NSS was the selfless service and relentless efforts of Mannathu Padmanabhan.  He utilized his abilities, cultural heritage, organizing expertise and artistic talents for the welfare of the country and his communityThrough his life he proved that educational status and degrees are not the criteria for fame.  His strong and unchanging belief in the ideology left the rules in dismay. He made the public service as an unending duty of his life. The orations of Mannam in removing untouchability, in the struggle for temple entry, in the up lift of Harijans, in protecting the rights of the community, in rallying the soldiers in independence struggle, and in the struggle to dismiss the first Communist Government in Kerala were historical events.Seventy years ago, Mannam gave food a Harijan with him in his house.  This was indeed a revolutionary act at that time when Harijans were not permitted to enter into a household of an upper caste.  Sri.C.Achutha Menon, former Communist Chief Minister of Kerala had remarked that even his party men would hesitate to do such a thing as Mannam did at that period.


Mannam was in the forefront of the struggle to have the right of worship to all sections of Hindu community including lower caste.  He actively took part in the Vaikom Sathyagraha of 1924-25 and the Guruvayoor Sathyagraha of 1931. It was the ‘Savarna Jatha’ (a march of upper caste people) led by Mannam, which brought overwhelming public support to Vaikom Sathyagraha. It was taken out to convince the Government that upper castes were not against the temple entry by lower castes.


Mannam gave strong leadership to the independence struggle.  His entry in the field of independence struggle was like a whirlwind, which soon spread in all its vicinity.  With his entry his followers and co-workers flowed to the fold of Congress party.  Congress declared a non-compromise struggle against Sir.C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer, the then Dewan of Travancore, only because of strong and adamant attitude of Mannam. He vowed to “do or die” in the struggle against Sir.C.P.Mannam’s special interest was in the field of creative social work rather than political.  When Nair Regulation Act was enacted in legislature during 1100 (ME), it was subjected to wide spread opposition.  Mannam was in forefront to gain public support to the bill. People belonging to ‘Illom’, ‘Swaroopam’, ‘Idassery’, ‘Chakkala’ are all sub-castes of Nairs, but there were so many disparities among these sub-castes.  Mannam worked hard to bridge these disparities and to unite them under one banner.The educational institutions established by Mannam will tell stories of a number of sacrifices.  They are the results of determined and incessant efforts made by Mannam. The relentless efforts made by Mannam to form and maintain the NSS establishments, which are now standing in prestigious heights throughout the State, are indeed indescribable.  Sardar K.M.Panicker has righteously remarked that Mannam is the Madanamohana Malavya of Kerala.  The only difference is that Malavya’s Kasi Vidyapeeth was made a reality by the Rajah of Kashi, Rajaputhra Rajahs and Birla, whereas Kerala Malavya was helped by the poverty stricken Nairs of Kerala. The life of Mannam was very simple and without splendour.  He maintained simplicity even in dressing.  We can see a selfless sacrificing Gandhian in him.  His life is a synonym of service.  Never did he withdraw from any efforts or work intended for the welfare or progress of the society.Mannam, though never stepped into any college, became the founder of many colleges.  Though he had no means for his own livelihood, he became the owner of many institutions where lakhs were spent on salaries and allowances. Though he could not acquire even an inch of land of his own, he became the owner of estates extending over thousands of acres.  Though he was not a politician, he became the leader of struggles of political activism in Kerala.  In short, the history of Nair Service Society is the history of Mannam for the last 50 years, as remarked by Sri.K.Kelappan.


Important milestones in Mannath Padmanabhan's life

Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan Born


First Job [Govt  School, Kanjirapally


Karayogam building foundation laying


Changanachery Thaluk Nair Samajam formation


Nair Bhruthyajana Sangham formation


Nair Bhruthyajana Sangham becomes NSS


Mannam dedicates his life to NSS


Marrage with Thottakkattu Madhavi Amma




NSS Silver Jubilee Celeberations


First Samastha Nair Maha Sammelanam


First NSS School [Karukachal] laid foundation


Mannam becomes Sreemulam Prajasabha member


Vaikam Sathyagraham


Mannam Leads "Savarna Jatha"


NSS Registration according to Indian Company Act 


Registration of Karayogam Number 1


Karuvatta Nair Maha Sammelanam


Guruvayoor Sathyagraham


NSS Head Office starts functioning in Perunna


First Director board meeting


Mannam Becomes NSS President


Famous "Muthukulam Speech"


Mannam arrested for "Indian Freedom movement”


Mannam's Mother "Parvathy Amma" Passes away


MG College Trivandrum foundation laying


NSS College, Pandalam foundation laying


NSS Hindu Collage, Perunna foundation laying


Mannam Becomes the Devasvam Board President


Mannam rejects Cast name and renames as Padmanabhan


Start of Vimochana Samaram


Dismissal of Communist Ministry


President of India awards "BHARATHA KESARI" to Mannam




Mannam forms Kerala Congress


NSS Golden Jubilee Celebration


Perunna Medical Mission Hospital Inauguration


Government Of India awards "Padmabhushan" to Mannam


Thottakkattu Madhavi Amma (Wife) Passes away


Mannam's last public function


Mannam Passes away




Mannam. KM Munshi,Panambilly

Mannam with Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi

Mannam and K.Kelappan

Mannam Mueseum

Mannam, Pattom Thanu Pillai, KPS Menon, G Ramachandran

MGR attending the funeral function




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