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The 28th star (asterism day) coming after the birth of child is celebrated as Irupathyettu.  On that day the eye shadows will be applied to the newborn baby, and will be given vayambu, gold, and milk.  The child will be christened on that day.  The piercing of ear for wearing ear ornaments was also done on this day.  It is also known as Irupathyettykettu.  On 28th day of birth, the child will be bathed and placed on the lap of Grandfather/Karanavar.  Five small bells and a small pipe made of Panchaloha (five metals gold, silver, copper, iron and lead) will be attached in a chord (gold string is also used) and tied around the waist of the child.  This function is known as Noolukettu. It is believed that on the 28th day the child is taken to the possession of the Tharavad from the father.  After Noolukettu the Karanavar or mother will give milk to the child three times using a spoon or spoon like thing made of jack tree leaf. Then the Karanavar spell the name of the child silently for three times.  The name will not be disclosed till the end of Choroonu function.Feast will also be arranged to the guests who participated in the ceremony.
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