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Naamamkarana is one of the Shodashacharangal of Namboothiris.  Namakarana is the naming ceremony of the newborn baby. It is held on the 11th day after birth. Namakarana is also performed by certain other Hindu castes also for christening a child on the 28th day of birth.

Nair kuri

Nairs have to apply kuri (using bhasma-holy powder) in five places in the body. In the forehead, in two arms, chest and just above abdomen.


Namaskaram is the salutation before Gods and Gurus (teachers). The arms, legs, chest and forehead should touch the ground while offering Namaskaram.  The Soorya Namaskaram performed in the morning is good for health.


Unexpected happenings at the time of starting a journey or performing a work are known as Nimithangal.


Illamnira ezhunnallath at Guruvayur

An agricultural festival celebrated in Karkidakom (July-August) after the harvest of Virippu. It is also known as Illamnira, Nira, Nirapooja etc. Illamnira at Guruvayur temple is famous.


Niramala is an offering in temples.  Special lightings and flowers will be arranged for performing this offering.  During Navarathri, devotees used to offer Niramala each day.


Nirapara is used for holy functions. Nirapara is prepared using a bunch of coconut flower and a para (cylindrical measuring jar or vessel) of paddy grains. It is an indispensable item for pooja, marriage and other sacred functions.


Nithyanidanam is the daily functions in a temple.  They include Niramala, Chuttuvilakku (arrangment of lights around the temple) , Chandanam charth (application of sandal paste in the idol) etc.
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