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Born in 1864.

The contributions of Thottakkad Ikkavamma were great.  She became famous through her drama Subhadrarjunam. She was prominent among the women litterateur and playwright. Her works argued for equal status of women in society. Her important works are Subhadrarjunam, Nalacharitham (Dramas), Sanmargopadesham (Thullal), Kurathypattu, Kalki puranam.


Iravikutty Pilla Padathalavan was one of the eight ministers of Unni Kerala Varma who ruled over Venad during 806-823 (ME). He was a great warrior. He was born in 778 (ME). His mother was Eeswari Pillai.  It was he who protected Venad from the continuous attack of Thirumala Naik of Tamil Nadu.  Ramappayyan, the leader of the Thirumala Naik’s army knew that it was very difficult to defeat Iravikutty Pillai in a direct fight. Therefore, he conspired with other ministers of Venad and killed Iravikutty through treachery.
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