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Born June 25, 1896
Father : Chennithala Mangatt Mutt Eswaran Naboodiri.
Mother : Ambalappat Lekshmi Amma.

Damodaran Asan is the nephew of Rayinkal Sankaran Asan who adventurously tried to put an end to the evil practices in the society. He was elected as a member of Sree Moolam Assembly and Travancore Legislative Assembly for 9 years. He served as Diwan Peshakar, Excise Commissioner, and Revenue Board Member. He was the first Chairman of Kerala Financial Corporation and President of Travancore Dewaswom Board. He became the President of NSS twice.

Born in 1906
Damodara Menon was a veteran Congress leader, journalist. After obtaining degree in Law, he worked as a teacher in Burma for a brief period. Menon was drawn into politics through the freedom struggle. He was imprisoned for nearly five years during different stages for his participation in the freedom struggle. He served as Secretary of the Aikya Kerala Committee from 1945 to 1957 and President of KPCC in 1957. He had been elected to the Provincial Parliament in 1950 and Lok Sabha in 1952. Shri. Damodara Menon was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assebly as Congress candidate from Parur in 1960. He was the Minister for Industries from February 2, 1960 to September 26, 1962 in the Ministry headed by Shri. Pattom Thanu Pillai. He also seved as the Minister for Industries and Local Administration again from September 26, 1962 to September 10, 1964 in the subsequent Cabinet headed by Shri R. Sankar. Having a rich experience in journalism, Shri. Menon has authored a number of books including ‘Narmakadhakal’, ‘Bhavanasoonam’ ‘Balaraman’ and ‘Thoppil Nidhi’. He had also served as Resident Editor of ‘Mathrubhoomi’ daily and was the President of Kerala Press Academy. He passed away on 1st November 1980.



Born on August 1923
Father  : I.V.K.Nair

Devan Nair Chengara Veetil Nair was a member of parliament for Anson from 1979 to 1981 and a member of Bungsar, Selangor from 1964 to 1969. He was the Secretary-General of the Malaysian People's Action Party in 1965 and 1st Secretary-General of DAP in 1965 to 1967 before being elected as the President of Singapore by the Parliament of Singapore.
His family migrated to Singapore when he was 10 years old and he received his primary education at Rangoon Road Primary School before enrolling in Victoria School for his secondary education where he passed his Senior Cambridge examination in 1940.His dislike for colonial rule was apparent in those days, as he changed the lyrics of Rule Britannia to anti-British ones in a school choir performance before a British guest-of-honour.
He was a lifelong admirer and disciple of Sri Aurobindo. He visited Pondicherry and nearby Auroville a number of times and wrote and spoke on Sri Aurobindo's vision in the United States, Canada and other countries.Nair and his wife migrated first to the United States in 1988 where they settled in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Then later they moved to Bloomington, Indiana. The couple later moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where they lived out for the rest of their lives. The Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability was opened in 2014 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to recognise his contributions to the labour movement when he was Secretary General of National Trades Union Congress.

Wife:Avadai Dhanam
Son:Janadas Devan,Janamitra Devan,Janaprakash Devan,Vijaya Kumari Devan

He died on 6 December 2005

DIXIT J.N. (Jyotheendra Nath Dixit)

Born in 1936
Father  : Munshi Paramu Pillai
Mother : Retnamayi Devi

J.N.Dixit was a renowned diplomat and able administrator who had worked as Foreign Secretary to the Government of India. He was selected to IFS in 1958. He was the High Comm
issioner to Bangladesh. He was appointed as Secretary to Government, External Affairs.  He played a vital role in India-Sri Lanka Treaty signed in 1991. In 2004 he was appointed as National Security Advisor. Government of India awarded him Padmabhushan.

He died on 3 January 2005.

DAMODARA MENON.K (Keezedath Damodara Menon)

Born in 1912

Malabar K.Damodaran was an orator, historian, writer and an eminent Marxist philosopher.  His thoughts gave immense contribution to the Marxian phiolosophy. He was a scholar in Economics, Politics, Anthropology etc. He was the Secretary of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee for a short while. Later joined Communist party and became a guide to the left movement.  Pattabakki, a drama written by him is famous and very popular.His other important works are Indiyuude Atmavu, Bharatheeya Thathwa Chinthakal

He died on 1 July 1976.

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