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Born in 1913 January 10 at Thrissur. Mother: Lekshmykutty Amma.

Achutha Menon was a stalwart of freedom movement, prominent leader of Communist Party of India, renowned ruler, eminent economist, noted writer and a leader with spotless clean public life
He was the first Chief Minister of Kerala He was the first Chief Minister of Kerala who could complete the tenure of office. He was in office for about seven years (1970-1977). After obtaining Law degree, he accepted legal profession. But he gave up the profession and joined a full time worker of freedom movement. He joined Indian National Congress in 1935 and led the party as the Secretary of Cochin State Congress Committee. Soon he associated with Congress Socialist Party and then the Communist Party in 1941. He participated in freedom struggle, temple entry struggle etc. In the wake of Quit India movement, he was imprisoned for more than a year. He went underground for more than three years when the Government prohibited the functioning of Communist Party. He was elected to the Travancore State Legislature in 1952. He was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957, 1960, 1969 and 1970. He was the Minister of Finance and Agriculture in the first communist ministry led by E.M.S. Namboodirippad in the year 1957.  In 1968 he was elected to the Rajya Sabha. He resigned his membership in the Parliament in 1969 to become the Chief Minister of Kerala. He implemented several basic reform measures in the State such as Land Reform Act; take over of private forest without compensation, law on agriculture labour, one lakh housing scheme, establishment of a number of scientific and research institutions.  Even his opponents admit that he was the best Chief Minister of Kerala has ever seen.  He enriched the field of literature too through his writings on literary criticism, reviews.  He wrote many books.
He died on August 16, 1991.


Born on 30th April, 1894.
Chelanad Achutha Menon was a renowned scholar in Malayalam, author, and a folklorist.
After graduation, Achutha Menon started his career as an employee in the postal department and later a teacher at the Queens Mary’s College of Madras (now Chennai). When the Oriental Research Institute was started at Madras University, he became the head of the Malayalam department. Achutha Menon went to London in 1938 after a long stint as head of the Malayalam department at Madras University for undergoing Ph.D. programme in Malayalam. He obtained his PhD in 1938 from the University of London. He was the first person who undertook research on Malayalam in a foreign university. He retired as the Professor and Head of Department of Malayalam in Madras University. Indrajalam, Manimaala, Kumaran Koman Nair, Annum Innum, Thachcholi Chandu, Veeraankanam, Punchiri, Purana Manjari, Sreekrishnan, Keralathile Kaali Seva, Ezhuthachanum Addaehaththinte Kaalavum, Pradakshinam are some of his important works.
Born in 1863
Father: Kunjan Menon
Mother:Parvathy Amma
C.P. Achutha Menon was an early Malayalam literary critic, a progressive thinker and editor of Vidyavi Nodini Magazine. He is often referred to as the father of literary criticism in Malayalam. He started his career as a Malayalam scholar in Pachayyappas College, Madras. In 1886 he joined in the service of the Government of Kochi. Later he was appointed as the Head of the Department of Education of the Kochi State. His reports on industrial reforms, establishment of industrial schools, devaswom, tenancy highlighted the problems of the socio-economic aspects of his period. It was he who prepared the Land Revenue Manual, Engineering Department Code, and Manual for Village Officers etc for the Cochin State. He also served as a member of the first legislative council in Kochi. While serving as the editor of Vidya Vinoodini, he wrote numerous articles on literature which was considered as the early form of literary criticism in Malayalam. Shakunthalam, Uthara Ramacharitham, Bhagavadooth are his important works. He passed away in 1937.
Born in 1887 at Thrissur
Komattil Achyutha Menon was a jurist and historian. After obtaining B.L. degree from the Presidency College, Madras, he started practicing in the courts of Thrissur. He also served as the mayor of Thrissur for a while. After serving as a Government Pleader, Sessions Judge, Special Judge, he served as the Chief Secretary for a short period. Menon has been an active participant in the activities of Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Cochin Nair Bank, Kerala Bankers Association, Ernakulam Lotus Club, Thrissur Vivekodaya Samajam, Cochin Olympic Association and Thrissur Banerjee Club. He was the Chairman of Kalamandalam Managing Committee, Kochi Nair Mahasamajam and founder of Thrissur Music Society. He has also served as the Chairman of the Land Reforms Committee of Thiru-Kochi and the Official Language Committee of Kerala. In recognition of his meritorious service, the British Government awarded him the position of ‘Rao Sahib’. He was one of the founders of the Kerala Ithihasa Samithy, which was later converted as the “Kerala History Association”. He authored a number of books. Kochiyile Sthalanamangal, Thekke Indiayum Cheenayum, Ancient Kerala (English) are some of his eminent works. He passed away on 8th March 1963.

Born on May 24, 1887
Father: Govinda Menon
Mother: Kunhipappi Amma

Melangath Achyutha Menon was one of the earliest litteratre of Malayalam. On completion of his education, he started his career as a teacher in Malayalam. Later he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Training College of Cochin State. Apart from numerous short poems he wrote a number of works. Vanchirajyam, Sreehastharatnavali, Cherupushpaharam, Omana, Christeeya Sahithyalathika, Dharmarasmi, Pandavanmaar, Daivaadheenam, Nabithirumeemi are some of his important works. He was one of the organizers of the first Sahithya Parishad of Kerala. He passed away on September 30, 1968

Born on 15th June 1930 at Vadama
Father: Naryana Menon
Moher: Parukutty Amma

M.Achyuthan (Mukkuttiparambil Achuthan) was academic, orator, and literary critic of Malayalam literature. On completion of his post-graduate studies in Malayalam literature from University of Madras, M.Achyuthan joined as a as a lecturer of Malayalam at St. Albert's College. Subsequently he worked at a number of government colleges and retired as Professor from the Maharaja's College, Ernakulam. Even after his retirement, he served as a visiting professor at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit and as the director board member of Sahitya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society. He authored a number of books including Paschathya Sahitya Dharshanam, a critique of the philosophies of a number of western scholars. Cherukadha Innale Innu, published in 1973, is a book that covers the history of Malayalam short story and short story writers. Kavithayuṃ Kalavuṃ,Samanvayaṃ, Novel - Prashnangalum Padangalum, Vivechanam, Vimarshalochanam, Nirdharanam, Swathanthrya Samaravum Malayala Sahithyavum, Prakaranangal rathikarangal and Vangmukham are some of his other works. He also translated One Thousand and One Nights into Malayalam under the title, Ayirathonnu Raavukal. He received the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award for Literary Criticism in 1976 for his work, Cherukadha Innale Innu, followed by Padmaprabha Literary Award in 1998. Kerala Sahitya Akademi honoured him again in 2001 with the award for overall contributions. He passed away on 9th April 2017


Born on 1905 (12 Medam 1080-M.E.)
Father: Prof.K.Sankara Pillai 
Mother: M.Narayani Amma

Professor P.S.Achuthan Pillai left his legacy in all the fields where he worked. He was a reputed teacher,
renowned legal intellect, scholar and writer, President of many social and cultural organizations. He was the Principal of Law College, Thiruvananthapuram. He was one among the founder leaders of National Democratic Party. He was the author of authentic law books such as Criminal Law, Evidence Constitution, Jurisprudence, Law of Torts etc.
He died on 24 November 1999.


Father: Dr.A.Sukumaran Nair
Mother: Komalam.S.Nair

Achuth Sankar S.Nair is the Professor of Computer Science of the Department of Computational Biology & Bio-informatics, University of Kerala. A graduate from the IIT Bombay; and a holder of Ph.D in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, Dr.Nair is also a visiting professor in various Institutions both within India and abroad. He also served as the Director of C-DIT under the Govt. of Kerala, for 3 years. He authored about 15 books in English and Malayalam including a novel and numerous scholarly articles and a number of research publications. An ardent lover of music, Dr.Nair possesses a Ph.D. in music also. He has been invited to deliver lectures and talks on music in Madras Music Academy, Kalakshethra (Chennai) and Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Bangalore. He held membership in Kerala State Higher Education Council, CUSAT Syndicate, Kerala University Senate, Academic Council and Research Council.

Born on January 2, 1927 at Perambra
Father: Chandu Kidavu
Dr.K.G.Adiyodi was a doctor turned political leader. He was an active worker of Indian National Congress.  Dr. Adiyodi had been a member of All India Congress Committee and had also served as Chairman of Public Service Commission.  Adiyodi has secured License in Medical Practice from Madras and has been running a hospital at Perampra, since 1951. He was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1970, from Perampra constituency, and in 1977 from the Kalpetta constituency. Dr. Adiyodi served as the Minister for Food and Forests from 25.9.1971 to 15.5.1972, Minister for Finance from 16.5.1972 to 25.12.1975, and Minister for Forests and Irrigation from 26.12.1975 to 24.3.1977 in the headed by Shri. C. Achutha Menon.Dr. Adiyodi expired on 22.10.1987.
Born on 1st March 1927 at Adoor.
Father: E.V.Krishna Pilli
Mother: Maheswari Amma.
Adoor bhasi is a cine artist who dominated in the Malayalam film for nearly three decades from 1950s as a comedian, villain, hero, supporting role characters etc. His hilarious actions and roles became the cynosure of comic scenes in the Malayalam films for a long period.
His father, E. V. Krishna Pillai, was a renowned Malayalam satirist, dramatist, pioneering short story writer and essayist, a lawyer and a Member of the erstwhile Travancore Legislative Assembly. His mother, Maheshwari Amma, was the youngest daughter of C. V. Raman Pillai, the greatest Malayalam novelist.
After his school education, he joined the Institute of Textile Technology and passed the professional course of diploma in Textile Chemistry. He tried his luck in textile mill in Coimbatore and some other textile industries in Kerala, but could not succeed to secure a job in any textile industries. While staying with his maternal aunt at Thiruvananthapuram, and working as a Manager of P.K.Memorial press, he used to act amateur dramas and dramas broadcasted by the All India Radio. Bhasi began his career in film field through an insignificant role in a Malayalam feature film, Thiramala, directed by P. R. S. Pillai. His first notable film was Chandrathara's Mudiyanaya Puthran (1961). Gradually, he became one of the highly sought-after and inalienable actors and celebrities of Malayalam feature films of the 1960s and 1970s. He won many awards including Kerala State Film Award for best actor for three years in 1974, 1979 and in 1984. He passed away on 29th March 1990.


Born on 3 July 1941.
Father: Madhavan Unnithan. 
Mother: Gouri Kunjamma.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the most accomplished cine directors that the world has ever seen.  He is a versatile genius who introduced newer experiments in Malayalam films. His films are reflections of faithful revelation of real life. He possessed original qualities and attempted to reach new heights by making use of his vast abilities and artistic talents. Adoor’s experiences show that new experiments in film industry will bring out best results in the field. To him cinema is a real portrayal of human imagination and shadow of progressive thinking.He found Chithralekha Film Socity which introduced newer trends in world films to Keralites.He won many national and internationals awards including Dada Saheb Falke Award for the year 2004.  He was the Chairman of ‘Film & Television Institute of India’. His important films are Swayamvaram (national winner of best film and best director for 1972), Kodiyettam, Elippathayam, Mukhamukham, Kathapurushan (best film of 199.He found Chithralekhs Film Soceity,which introduced newer trends of world film to Keralites.He won many national5) Nizhalkuthu, Anantharam. Government of India awarded him  ‘Padmasree’.


Born on 1st February 1960
Father: Balakrishnan Nambiar
Moher: Lakshmikutty Amma

Alankode Leelakrishnan is a prominent poet, writer and an orator, A degree holder in commerce he is presently working as an officer of the Grameen Bank of Kerala. He also served as a freelance journalist. He has been appointed as a member of Thunjan Memmorial Committee of Thirur. Valluvanadan Poorakkazhchakal, Nilayude Theerangaliloode, Piyude Pranaya Paapangal,Thaathrikuttiyude Smartha vicharam are some of his important works. He has penned story, screenplay and songs for a few Malayalam movies.

Born in 1870
Father: Champathil Nanu Mannadiar
Mother: Ambat Ikkali Amma

Ambat Sivarama Menon was the first elected minister of an Indian state. Graduating from Madras Law College, Menon started his career as an advocate in the Madras High Court. He was an authority on the Marumakkathayam law of succession. He was one of the founders of the Justice Party and the editor of the party's official newspaper, The Liberator. He was the founder president of the Triplicane Urban Co-Operative Society in Madras (now Chennai), the first consumer cooperative in India. He had also served as a director of Cochin Land Mortgage Bank. When he retired from legal practice and settled down in Thrissur, he was elected to the Cochin Legislative Council in 1936. Next year he was appointed Minister for Rural Development. He passed away on August 30, 1939.



Born in 1962
Father: Kunjan Nair
Mother: Sarasamma

Ambika is a film and television actress of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. Ambika started her career as a child artist and later as main heroine and acted in more than 200 South Indian films. Her career as a heroine started with the Malayalam movie Seetha, which only released very late in her career. K. Bhagyaraj introduced Ambika in Tamil movie, Antha Ezhu Naatkal. She won many awards including Kalaimaamani, Cinema Express and Film Critics Award.

Born on 26th April 1873
Father: Sankaran Nair
Mother: Kummini Amma

Tharavath Ammalu Amma was a veteran litterateur. She has written a number of novels and devotional books. Leela, Bhakthamala, Budha Charitham, Baala Bodhini, Komalavalli, Sarva Vedantha Sidhantha Saara Samgraham, Krishna Bhakthi Chandrika, Budha Gadha Chandrika, Oru Theerthayaathra, Sree sankara Charitham, Siva Bhakthavilasam are some of her important works. The detective novel Kamalabhi or Murder in Lakshmivilasam is considered as the first epistolary novel written by a woman in Malayalam. Though the King of Cochin awarded Sahithya Sakhi degree, she refused to accept it. It was Ammalu Amma who gave refuge to Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai who was exiled from Travancore. She passed away on 6th June 1936


Born on 22 April 1894
Father: Govinda Menon Mother: Ammu AmmaAmmu Swaminathan was one of the freedom fighters and eminent political personality. She participated in 1942 Quit-India Movement and consequentially imprisoned. She was member of Legislative Assembly of Madras. She was also the Member of Parliament. She represented India in UNESCO.She died in 1971


Born in 1936.P.Sachidanandan who used write with pseudonym Anand is an illustrious novelist and short story writer. He was the Director of P&PI Ltd. His important novels are Allkkoottam, Marana Certificate, Abhayarthikal, Marubhoomikal Untakunnathu. His collection of short stories includes Veedum Thadavum, Odiyunna Kurisu, Samvadam etc. He has also written certain essays and critical studies on literature.

Born on 2nd March 1920
Father: Vattapparambil Achuthan Pillai
Mother: Nanikutty Amma

Professor Anandakuttan was a multi-faceted personality who excelled in the field of education, literature, journalism, Malayalam language etc. While many of the writers in Malayalam had the stamp of their individual style in any one specific field, Anandakuttan became equally noticeable in diverse sections like poetry, short story, drama, satire, humour, children's literature.After completing his honors degree course, he started his career as a journalist at Thiruvananthapuram. Later he was appointed as a teacher in the Intermediate College, Thiruvananthapuram. He obtained a Ph.D. in Malayalam from the University of Madras and continued as a Professor of Malayalam in various Government Colleges and retired in 1976. He also served as Language Expert under the Government of Kerala and Assistant Press Commission. He was the founder President of Narma Kairali, an organization for the promotion of humour, satire, cartoon etc. He also served as the President of Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham. He was the manager of the magazines Pauraprabha, Pauradhwani, Prabhodham and weekly Kuttanadan. He won Bheema Smaraka Baala Sahitya Award and Kerala Sahithya Academy award. He has written more than 40 books. His debut work was a poem entitled “Cheetha”, which was widely acclaimed and popular among the common people of Kerala. Aradhana, Deepavali, Chithra, Mullukal,Katalaasu Manthri, Amruthaanjanam, Bhaava Saurabham, Asareeri, Paapikalute Thaazhvara, Chiriyum Punchiriyum are some of his important works. He passed away on 1st February, 2000.



Born in 1966 at Shornur
Anita Nair is a popular Indian-English writer. She was working as the creative director of an advertising agency in Bangalore when she wrote her first book, a collection of short stories called Satyr of the Subway. Her works have been published in several languages around the world. The Better Man, Ladies Coupe, Mistress, Living Next Door to Alise, Goodnight and God Bless, The Lilac House Lessons in Forgetting Idris, Alphabet Soup for Lovers Eating Wasps, Satyr of the Subway, Magical Indian Myths, Malabar Mind, Muezza and Baby Jaan, Who Let Nonu Out, Where the Rain Is Born, Kerala, are her important works. She has won many awards including Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee, FLO FICCI Women Achievers Award, Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, The Hindu Literary Prize etc.

  APPAN THACHETH (Thacheth Neelakanta Menon)

Born on November 10, 1937
Father: Achyuthan Pillai
Mother: Nanikutty Amma

Popularly known as Appan Thacheth, Neelakanta Menon was a noted Malayalam poet and lyricist. After graduation and a diploma in Business Management, Appan Thacheth joined as an engineer in the construction giant Larsen & Toubro. He worked on such projects as the Abu Dhabi airport and the Lotus Temple in Delhi before retiring as Senior Quality Control Engineer in 1998. In spite of being busy with his official engagements, he had shown keen interest in poetry and penned more than 50 collections of poems, including children’s poems. Poopalika, Apsarasukal, Udayasthamayamangal, Nirangal Nizhalukal Ekakiyhude Veena, Ninne Kurichu Veendum and Gopurathile Kuruvi were some of his memorable collections. He also penned songs for ten Malayalam films, including Rajaparambara, Punarjanmam, Sundooram, Beena Mudukki Ponnamma and Randu Mughanga. He passed away on July 3, 2011.

Born on October 11, 1863
Mother: Kunjukutty Kovilamma

Appu Nedungadi was the author of Kundalatha, the first novel in Malayalam and the founder of Nedungadi Bank, the first commercial bank of South India. He was the founder of literary publications Kerala Pathrika, Kerala Sanchari and Vidya Vinodini. On completion of his graduation Appu Nedungadi started his career as a teacher in BEM High School, Kozhikode. Later he joined as a Tutor in the Christian College, Madras (now Chennai) till he joined to the B.L. course in the same college. After obtaining law degree, he started practice in the British Judicial system of Queens Presidency in Madras. It was then he wrote the novel, Kundalatha. In 1888, he returned to Kozhikode and continued his legal practice there. Apart from legal practicing, he initiated several other ventures also. It was he who started an animal farm and milk centre in Kozhikode. He also started a garment show room. He was the one of the first native who owns a motor car in Kozhikode. In 1890, He also started a school for the girls belonging to the Hindu community as the only school at Kozhikode at that time belonged to a Christian missionary and gave admission only to girls from their community. He also served as a Municipal Councilor of Kozhikode. It was in 1899 that he established Nedungadi Bank, the oldest private sector commercial bank in and the first commercial bank of South India, with an investment of Rs.19000/-. The bank was incorporated in 1913 and in 2003 it was taken over by Punjab National Bank

Born on 8th April 1914 in Aranmula
Father: Malethu Kesava Pillai
Mother: and Parukutty Amma
Aranmula Ponnamma was a prominent Malayalam film actress known for her roles as mother of the protagonist in numerous films.
Before became a film actress, she was a music teacher in a primary school at Pala. Later she joined the first batch of students at the Swati Tirunal Music Academy of Thiruvananthapuram. After the course, she was appointed as the music teacher in Cotton Hill Girls' High School in Thiruvananthapuram. Ponnamma's acting career began at her age of 29, in a play titled Bhagyalakshmi. She went on to act in several before debuting in films. Her debut role in the silver screen was that of ae mother in the film Sasidharan released in 1950. ] In her career spanning over 60 years, she acted as the mother or grandmother of first generation actors like Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, second generation actors like Prem Nazir and Sathyan and third generation actors like Mammootty, Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi. In the year 2006 she won the prestigious J.C. Daniel Award for Lifetime Achievement. She passed away on 21st February, 2011.


Born in 1935.
Father: M.N.Govindan Nair
G.Aravindan was an internationally celebrated film director of Malayalam. His name was very familiar to Malayalee as a cartoonist. His cartoon serial Cheriya Manushyarum Valya Lokavum, which published in Mathrubhoomy weekly, won wide popularity and portrayed social criticism. He seldom underwent any formal education in film direction before entering the field of film direction, yet he bagged several national and international awards for his films and brought much fame to the country and Malayalam film world. Uttarayanam, Kanchana Seetha, Thambu, Chidambaram, Oridathu, Vasthuhara etc. are some of his best films.

Born on 5th April, 1956
Father: K. B. Nair
Mother: Thankamani Amma

Ashita was a litterateur, best known for her short stories, poems and translations. She contributed in popularising haiku poems in Malayalam through her translations and her stories were known for the sensitive portrayal of life. Ashitha authored three novels, numerous short stories compiled in nine volumes, a number of poems (published in 4 volumes) and 10 books on stories for children. She was known to have portrayed her life experiences through her short stories and poems. Counted among the most prominent women writers in Malayalam, she translated a number of works of Alexander Pushkin and Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. She also adapted Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Jataka tales and Aithihyamala for children. She was a winner the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award. She also won Padmarajan Award, Lalithambika Antherjanam Smaraka Sahitya Award, Ankanam Award and Edasseri Award. She passed away on 27 March 2019.


Born on 12 September 1930.

Father: E.Naryanan Namboodiri. Mother: M. Meenakshi Amma.

It was during 1950s that Ayyappa Panicker came to the literature field like a stream. Through his poem, Kurukshethram he brought a drastic change in the Malayalam poetic scenario. Virtually he created a new revolution and opened a new path for Malayalam poetry.  He surprised the poetic lovers as well as the general public.  His poems portrayed the boiling mind of the modern man and stressed the depth of melancholy and despair. His attempt to foster a new style of enjoyment of readers was a great success. He influenced the modern Malayalam theatre and on new playwrights.  He is regarded as an idol of modern culture and thoughts. His poems and essays were compiled and published in twelve volumes. He represented India in the International Poetry Congress held at Yugoslavia. He obtained Doctorate degree from Yel University of USA.  He won several awards including Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, Central Sahitya Akademi Award for Poetry. Mahakavi Kuttamath Award,  Mahakavi Ulloor Award, Samastha Kerala Sahitya Parishath Award, Asan Prize, Vayalar Award, and Vallathol Award. Government of India conferred him Padmashree award for 2004. He was the General Editor of Complete works of Shakespeare and Associate Editor of Journal of South Asian Literature.

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