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Born on 30th July 1957.

Balachandran Chullikkad is prominent among young writers and representative of modern Malayalam poetry. Balachandran represented Indian poetry in the international poets meet in the International Book Fare at Gottenberg, Sweden in1997. He participated in many national poets meets organized by various agencies like Central Sahitya Akadamy, New Delhi. He was offered Sanskrithi National Award for the best young writer in India in 1990, but he refused to accept it. He also declared that he would never accept any awards. He accepted Buddhism in1999. His important collections of works (poems) are Pathinettu Kavithakal, Amavasi, Gazal,  Manasandaram, DraculaBalachandran Chullikkadinte kavithakal, Chidambarasmarana).


Born on 22 March 1949 at Ambalappuzha.

Father: P.N.Panicker. Mother: Chinnakutty Amma.

Balagopalan is an eminent organiser and an expert in the field of publications. He was the General Manager of Prabhath Book House for a long period. Later he established Vox Pupulai Publications and started publication of books especially scientific and educational books. He represented India in many international book exhibitions and trade fairs. He won the award for the best publisher from the President of India. He is the Director of Kedas and representing Kerala in the Khadi-Village Industries Board and CAPART.


Born on 1889.

Father: Akathoot Damodaran Kartha. Mother: Parvathy Amma.

Kesari Balakrishna Pillai was a bold journalist and the
pioneer of an era in Malayalam literature. He introduced the essence of English and French literature classics to the Malayalam literature. Through translations and criticism he brought new idea among the younger generations. Many literatures like Thakazhy Shivasankara Pillai were his disciples. He was a pioneer in this field to many other writers.  He was the editor of Swadeshabhimani’ Journal. Later, he published another journal ‘Probodhaka’. His criticism infuriated the government, which resulted cancellation of license to his journal. Then he started another daily, “Kesari” in 1942, but the Government canceled its license also, due to his severe criticism against nepotism and corruption of authorities. Died on 18 December 1960.


Born in 1935.
Father: Raman Pillai.
Mother: Karthyani Amma.

Sri.R.Balakrishna Pillai is famous for his firmness in opinion, readiness for service, excellence in speech and diplomacy in administration. His outspoken nature gave him many enemies also.  But every time he surpassed his enemies and voiced his opinions more vehemently without fear or favour.  He is the  President of NSS Pathanapuram Taluk Union. He is the unopposed leader of Kerala Congress (B). He proved to be an eminent
minister and administrator. He was elected eight terms to the Kerala Legislative Assembly and once to Lok Sabha. He became the Minister of the Government of Kerala for more than 10 years and gave leadership to various departments.


Born in 1909.
Father: Chittannur Kunhunni Raja. Mother: Nalappat Kochukutty Amma.

Balamani Amma was an illustrious poetess who had unflinching image in the minds of people of Kerala.  Following the path of Nalappat Narayana Menon she took the field of poetic literature from early ages itself.  She published her collection of poems in more than 10 volumes. Her important works are Koopukai, Amma, Sopanam.

Died on 29 September 2004


Born on 25 August 1913.

Dr.K.Bhaskaran Nair was one of the eminent writers who had a separate vision and style in the field of science and literature.  He upheld moral values even in science. He was the Principal, Director of Collegiate Education, Secretary of Sahithya Academy and Member of Kendra Sahithya Academy. Important Works: Adhunika sasthram, Parinamam, Sasthra Purogathy, Sasthra Deepika.

Died on 8 June 1982


Born in 1916.

Father: Neelakanta Pillai. Mother: Parvathy Amma.

Sri.Bhaskaran Nair was a famous advocate, leader of the community and political leader.  He was elected as Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly three times. For a short while he became the Minister for Finance in the Government of Kerala and done commendable service.

Died on August 30, 1998


Born in June 16, 1938.

He was the President of NSS Manjeri Taluk Union. He is the founder of Sri.Vivekananda High School at Edakkara, Malappuram (Dist) and the Manager of Vivekakanda Educational Complex at Malappuram. He was the President of N.D.P. (Kidangoor Faction). He gave energy and vitality to the NSS for a very long period.  He was loved and respected by all as an efficient organizer, educational activist and religious preacher. He was awarded Baristor G.P.Pillai Award for 2003 considering his contribution towards educational and cultural fields.


Born on 21 April 1924.

P. Bhaskaran is a renowned lyrist, great poet and multifarious genius.  Through his poetry Vayalar Garjikkunnu (Vayalar roars), he depicted the historic revolution of Punnappra-Vayalar and become a notable writer and blessed poet.  His touching poetic collection is Orkuka Vallappozhum (Remember Occasionally). P.Bhaskaran is a freedom fighter also.  He participated in ‘Quit-India’ movement and imprisoned in his teen age
s. Later, he became follower of communist philosophy and contributed for its growth through his lyrics and other literary works.  He was the Editor of Deshabhimani, and Jayakeralam journals. He was the Secretary, Sangeetha Nataka Academy and the Chairman, Kerala State Film Development Corporation. He directed a number of good Malayalam films. His film “Neelakuyil” won the first medal (silver) for Malayalam film. He has written lyrics for more than 100 films.


Born in 1902.
Father: Kunjan Pillai. Mother: Janaki Amma.

His original name is Kesava Pillai. He adopted the name “Bodheswaran” at Kasi (varanasi) while on a pilgrimage. He was a progressive revolutionist who stood and fought for his principles in the political and cultural fields for more than half a century.  He led campaign in favour of Vaikom Sathyagraha. His Keralagana is famous even today.

He died in 1990.

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