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Born in 1913 January
10 at Thrissur.

Mother: Lekshmykutty Amma.

Achutha Menon was a stalwart of freedom movement, prominent leader of Communist Party of India, renowned ruler, eminent economist, noted writer and a leader with spotless clean public life

He was the first Chief Minister of Kerala He was the first Chief Minister of Kerala who could complete the tenure of office. He was in office for about seven years (1970-1977). After obtaining Law degree, he accepted legal profession. But he gave up the profession and joined a full time worker of freedom movement. He joined Indian National Congress in 1935 and led the party as the Secretary of Cochin State Congress Committee. Soon he associated with Congress Socialist Party and then the Communist Party in 1941. He participated in freedom struggle, temple entry struggle etc. In the wake of Quit India movement, he was imprisoned for more than a year. He went underground for more than three years when the Government prohibited the functioning of Communist Party. He was elected to the Travancore State Legislature in 1952. He was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957, 1960, 1969 and 1970. He was the Minister of Finance and Agriculture in the first communist ministry led by E.M.S. Namboodirippad in the year 1957.  In 1968 he was elected to the Rajya Sabha. He resigned his membership in the Parliament in 1969 to become the Chief Minister of Kerala. He implemented several basic reform measures in the State such as Land Reform Act; take over of private forest without compensation, law on agriculture labour, one lakh housing scheme, establishment of a number of scientific and research institutions.  Even his opponents admit that he was the best Chief Minister of Kerala has ever seen.  He enriched the field of literature too through his writings on literary criticism, reviews.  He wrote many books.

He died on August 16, 1991.


Born on 1905 (12 Medam 1080-M.E.)
Father: Prof.K.Sankara Pillai 
Mother: M.Narayani Amma

Professor P.S.Achuthan Pillai left his legacy in all the fields where he worked. He was a reputed teacher,
renowned legal intellect, scholar and writer, President of many social and cultural organizations. He was the Principal of Law College, Thiruvananthapuram. He was one among the founder leaders of National Democratic Party. He was the author of authentic law books such as Criminal Law, Evidence Constitution, Jurisprudence, Law of Torts etc.

He died on 24 November 1999.


Born on 3 July 1941.
Father: Madhavan Unnithan. 
Mother: Gouri Kunjamma.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is an accomplished Cine Director that the world has ever seen.  He is a versatile genius who introduced newer experiments in Malayalam films. His films are reflections of faithful revelation of real life. He possessed original qualities and attempted to reach new heights by making use of his vast abilities and artistic talents. Adoor’s experiences show that new experiments in film industry will bring out best results in the field. To him cinema is a real portrayal of human imagination and shadow of progressive thinking. He found Chithralekha Film Society, which introduced newer trends of world film to Keralites. He won many national and international awards including Dada Saheb Falke Award for the year 2004.  He was the Chairman of ‘Film & Television Institute of India’. His important films are Swayamvaram (national winner of best film and best director for 1972), Kodiyettam, Elippathayam, Mukhamukham, Kathapurushan (best film of 1995) Nizhalkuthu, Anantharam. Government of India awarded him  ‘Padmasree’.


Born on 22 April 1894
Father: Govinda Menon Mother: Ammu Amma

Ammu Swaminathan was one of the freedom fighters and eminent political personality. She participated in 1942 Quit-India Movement and consequentially imprisoned. She was member of Legislative Assembly of Madras. She was also the Member of Parliament. She represented India in UNESCO.

She died in 1971


Born in 1936.

P.Sachidanandan who used write with pseudonym Anand is an illustrious novelist and short story writer.  He was the Director of P&PI Ltd. His important novels are Allkkoottam, Marana Certificate, Abhayarthikal, Marubhoomikal Untakunnathu. His collection of short stories includes Veedum Thadavum, Odiyunna Kurisu, Samvadam etc. He has also written certain essays and critical studies on literature.


Born in 1935.

Father: M.N.Govindan Nair 
G.Aravindan was an internationally celebrated film director of Malayalam. His name was very familiar to Malayalee as a cartoonist. His cartoon serial Cheriya Manushyarum Valya Lokavum, which published in Mathrubhoomy weekly, won wide popularity and portrayed social criticism. He seldom underwent any formal education in film direction before entering the field of film direction, yet he bagged several national and international awards for his films and brought much fame to the country and Malayalam film world. Uttarayanam, Kanchana Seetha, Thambu, Chidambaram, Oridathu, Vasthuhara etc. are some of his best films.


Sri.C.M. Aravindakshan Nair (C.M.A. Nair)

Sri.CMA Nair is a gifted engineer and an expert in the field of management. Immediately on completion of B. Tech (Electrical) degree from IIT, Madras he joined ALIND Kerala as a Design Engineer. He has also undergone Executive Management Course in INSEAD France. At ALIND, he held different positions such as Technical Manager, Production Manager, Marketing Manager and Divisional Chief Executive of the Switchgear Division etc. He left ALIND in 1988 to join Alstom T&D, Paris, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world, and served the company holding different positions as Vice-President (Global Sourcing), Vice-President (Industrial Strategy). Vice-President (Quality Focus), Vice-President (Change Management). After retirement in 2003, he returned to India to be a member of the Board of Alstom T&D India, a subsidiary of Alstom France. When Alstom was sold to AREVA, another French company, he continued there as a Board Member and Audit committee Member till he resigned from the Board in 2011.
Presently, he is a Trustee Member of Kerala International Centre (KIC) Trivandrum, an organization dealing with subjects of National and International interests like Globalization effects, Energy Security, Food Security, International relations etc. His wife is Meena Devi, Professor (Retd.). Their sons Bhaskar and Madhu, both engineers, are settled in USA


Born on 12 September 1930.

Father: E.Naryanan Namboodiri. Mother: M. Meenakshi Amma.

It was during 1950s that Ayyappa Panicker came to the literature field like a stream. Through his poem, Kurukshethram he brought a drastic change in the Malayalam poetic scenario. Virtually he created a new revolution and opened a new path for Malayalam poetry.  He surprised the poetic lovers as well as the general public.  His poems portrayed the boiling mind of the modern man and stressed the depth of melancholy and despair. His attempt to foster a new style of enjoyment of readers was a great success. He influenced the modern Malayalam theatre and on new playwrights.  He is regarded as an idol of modern culture and thoughts. His poems and essays were compiled and published in twelve volumes. He represented India in the International Poetry Congress held at Yugoslavia. He obtained Doctorate degree from Yel University of USA.  He won several awards including Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, Central Sahitya Akademi Award for Poetry. Mahakavi Kuttamath Award,  Mahakavi Ulloor Award, Samastha Kerala Sahitya Parishath Award, Asan Prize, Vayalar Award, and Vallathol Award. Government of India conferred him Padmashree award for 2004. He was the General Editor of Complete works of Shakespeare and Associate Editor of Journal of South Asian Literature.

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